New at WEFTEC: Valmet Offers New Total Solids Content Transmitter

The Valmet TS microwave-based solids content transmitter is designed to combine cost-efficiency with the extreme accuracy of microwave technology. The transmitter meets the needs of wastewater treatment plants without compromises in accuracy, according to the manufacturer. 

In wastewater processes, microwave technology for total solids measurement has the advantages of start-up and calibration within a few minutes, no reaction to changes in solids composition and thus reliable single-point calibration, and absence of moving parts.

Applications include sludge pumping from primary and secondary clarifiers and for feed to thickeners. Sludge pumping control based on reliable total solids measurement helps optimize sludge quality early on in the process — vital for the entire solids-handling procedure.

In digester feed applications, maintaining a high, optimized total solids content helps enable better process control and significant savings; digestion time can be increased to produce more biogas.

In dewatering, significant savings can be achieved through precise control, helping to optimize polymer dosing and reduce polymer costs. For dry cake, the unit can be installed in the feed line to the incinerator, immediately after the cake pump.

The benefits of the technology include lower energy consumption, higher pumping capacity, better utilization of solids transportation capacity, highly efficient use of dewatering centrifuges, less laboratory analysis, and higher solids content in biosolids.


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