Incoming Study Could Inform Facilities Interested In Peracetic Acid Disinfection

The WE&RF is partnering with MWH Americas Inc. to provide guidance on peracetic acid disinfection, its effects on aquatic life and its impacts on water/wastewater processes.

The Water Environment & Reuse Foundation (WE&RF) recently signed a contract with MWH Americas Inc. to advance the science of peracetic acid (PAA) disinfection, as well as to examine design, implementation and operational considerations.

Wastewater can carry bacteria and pathogens that have the potential to reach recreational water and water supplies, making wastewater disinfection crucial to minimizing human health risks. PAA is becoming a popular alternative for disinfection, particularly to facilities that want to move away from chlorine gas. Currently, there is no test method to determine the impacts of PAA on aquatic life and on residual effluent wastewater.

The intent of this research is to provide guidance on the use of PAA, its effects on aquatic life and its impacts on water and wastewater processes.

The research will identify technical and research gaps from facilities that already utilize PAA, and examine its effects on the wastewater process and aquatic life.

The information that is gathered will be used to develop guidance for utilities, regulators, engineers and operators. The research will also address implementation considerations for state regulatory agencies that are struggling with permitting for PAA products. 

For information about this project, email Christine Radke

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