Watch Now: Fawn Rescued at Treatment Plant

It's not every day the fire, police and animal rescue departments show up at your treatment plant.

There are days when life gets a little interesting at a treatment plant. Like on the day a white-tailed fawn falls into an empty tank and the fire, police and animal-control departments all show up to rescue it.

That’s what happened in Hull, Massachusetts, this past weekend.

On Sept. 8, a fawn fell 25 feet into an empty tank pit. Thankfully, the end of the story is a happy one. Animal Control Office Brian Willard helped in the effort to save the young deer, and although the extraction looked painful, the deer was unharmed in the rescue efforts. He bounded off after the event, probably resolving never to frequent the treatment plant again. And, he made the social media highlights of the week as the video was shared across Facebook.

We can only say, “well done” to all those involved. Watch the footage of the rescue and let us know if you’ve ever had to rescue an animal at your plant. 


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