WEFTEC 2015 Product Spotlight, Part 2

Take a look at some of the latest and greatest water and wastewater equipment! Here are a few of the products displayed at WEFTEC 2015.
WEFTEC 2015 Product Spotlight, Part 2

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Editor's Note: Hundreds of exhibitors displayed water and wastewater equipment — from the tried-and-true to latest and greatest — at WEFTEC 2015, presented by the Water Environment Federation in Chicago on Sept. 27-30. This week, watch for the Innovation logo to learn more about new products displayed at the clean-water industry’s flagship exhibition and conference. Here is a sampling of the more recent innovations on the show floor.                       

Benchtop measurement. Xylem Analytics displayed the YSI MultiLab and TruLab lines of benchtop instruments designed for accurate and repeatable results and ease of use, with auto-buffer recognition and automatic temperature compensation. MultiLab is a digital line of multiparameter instruments for measuring pH, ORP, DO/BOD, conductivity and temperature. The devices use intelligent digital sensors that retain calibration status even if unplugged. The line includes a self-stirring optical probe for BOD determination. The TruLab line includes analog instruments for measuring pH, ORP, effective ion concentration and temperature. The line includes a wide selection of pH electrodes and 15 electrodes for 16 parameters, including ammonia and nitrate for wastewater and chloride and fluoride for drinking water. 937/767-7241; www.xylemanalytics.com.

Handy lights. Bayco Products displayed a broad line of LED industrial flashlights and headlamps, including the 7-inch-long Nightstick NSP-2422R Dual-Light LED Flashlight. It produces 130 lumens and casts a beam nearly 600 feet. A second independent 110 lumen LED floodlight is built into the handle. Both lights can be turned on at once to illuminate what is ahead and what is at the user’s feet while walking. The durable impact- and chemical-resistant polymer housing is rated IP-X7 waterproof and has integrated magnets in the handle base and the pocket clip. Together, these magnets enable 360-degree hands-free usage. Three AAA batteries are included. A similar model in an intrinsically safe design is also available. 800/233-2155; www.baycoproducts.com.

Tank-cleaning truck. Polston Applied Technologies described its PAT360-HD combination truck cleans digesters, grit chambers, ponds, lagoons and large-diameter pipelines while in service. It is designed to efficiently remove sand, grit and other debris. It uses four 8-inch, 2,500 gpm hydraulic pumps, enabling it to pump sand and water at up to 10,000 gpm. The truck performs in surcharged conditions, allowing cleaning to proceed while the facility remains online – no shutdown or bypass pumping is necessary. The unit carries an extra-long hydraulic knuckleboom crane with 49 feet of reach and 180 degrees of rotation. 844/765-7866; www.polstonprocess.com

Grit calculator. Hydro International promoted the Cost of Grit Calculator, used to accurately estimate the cost of dealing with grit not captured by existing grit removal systems. Users can enter data about their grit systems to determine the annual cost of suboptimal grit management versus the cost when using the company’s Advanced Grit Management solution, designed to remove 85 to 95 percent of grit at the headworks. After entering data into the calculator, users receive the results by email. 207/756-6200; costofgrit.hydro-int.com

Water tank inspections. Deep Trekker introduced a remotely operated vehicle (ROV) for inspecting drinking water tanks, reservoirs and other clear-water storage facilities. The device can inspect to depths up to 410 feet with customized lengths of tether. It is operated using a gaming-style controller and an integrated super-bright screen. It is easily transported between inspection sites in a custom carrying case. It includes a low-light, high-definition camera, main thrusters for rapid ascent and descent, 270-degree camera rotation, and a high-powered, high-efficiency LED floodlight. It runs on 19.2-volt batteries that last up to eight hours. The ROV measures 11 inches long, 12.8 inches wide and 10.2 inches high. 519/342-3177; www.deeptrekker.com.

Municipal grinders. Pentair Flow and Filtration Solutions unveiled a new municipal/commercial line of MYERS V-Series grinders in ratings from 3 to 7 hp. The grinders are designed to help wastewater systems deal with increasing amounts of trash, such as cleaning cloths, wipes and durable products entering the waste stream. The devices use advanced cutting technology to macerate challenging solids into a fine slurry without roping or clogging. The V3, V5 and V7 grinders are available in standard flow or high-head configurations. They can be installed in various packaged systems. Factory-assembled simplex or duplex packages with guide rail systems are available. All units have a seal probe in the seal chamber to provide an early warning system against unplanned downtime. 419/289-1144; www.pentair.com.


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