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All In for the Hometown All In for the Hometown
John McCool runs the Warren (Ill.) Wastewater Treatment PLANT with an eye toward protecting the trout waters downstream, and the pocketbooks of local residents.
Treatment in Depth Treatment in Depth
A deep-shaft activated sludge system helps the Homer treatment plant produce consistently good effluent despite Alaska’s chilly climate.
Digital Technology Digital Technology
Computerized and digital technology can help operators make their treatment plants run more efficiently. Here is an assortment of technologies that are helping bring wastewater treatment into the digital age.
Leaving Things Better Leaving Things Better
Operator of the Year Dawn McCoy and her team keep the process humming at a Mississippi plant with a unique biological treatment system.
Making it Personal Making it Personal
A science center with interactive exhibits, combined with plant tours led by operators, form a solid education program for a Washington clean-water agency.
Behaving Like a Business
Victor Valley Wastewater Reclamation Authority aims for energy self-sufficiency as part of a commitment to optimize use of resources on behalf of its customers.
Worth Noting - September 2013 These Are Exciting Times
Technology is advancing. Expectations are rising. That’s a challenge and opportunity. Has there ever been a better time to be in the clean-water profession?
WEFTEC Product Preview - September 2013 Stewardship Certified Stewardship Certified
A North Carolina treatment plant gains certification under a program that brings industry and wildlife together.
Perspective on Fracking Wastewater Going Green with Algae Going Green with Algae
University of Kansas researchers team up with the Lawrence treatment plant to test a new way to remove nitrogen and phosphorus.
Watershed Warriors Look Upstream Find other useful and timely information on the TPO website Industry News - September 2013 Digital Technology Digital Technology

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Green Through and Through Green Through and Through
A LEED-certified treatment plant in Champaign County has features that improve operations and safety while saving energy and limiting the environmental footprint.
Worth Noting - September 2013 Find other useful and timely information on the Find other useful and timely information on the Power Struggles
While not blessed with a constant power source like wastewater treatment plants, water plants have numerous ways to cut energy consumption and cost.
Industry News - September 2013 Industry News - September 2013 A Better Disinfectant
Ozone is more effective than chlorine and derivatives and can deactivate chlorine-resistant pathogens — but it is not suitable for residual disinfection.
Going for the Green Going for the Green
The AquaDAF high-rate clarifier has proven itself in effective removal of algae and other low-density solids from surface water sources.
On Patrol On Patrol
Fort Collins teaches conservation to kids and uses property audits to help owners irrigate their landscapes more responsibly.
Smart Power Smart Power
Cedar Rapids controls electricity costs through careful monitoring, power-saving upgrades and enrollment in the electric utility’s interruptible rate program.
Product News - September 2013 Product News - September 2013 Energy Management and Power Generation Energy Management and Power Generation Static injection mixer slides into place Static injection mixer slides into place Out and About Out and About
Leslie Gryder’s role as a lab chemist in Lynchburg includes reaching out into the community to help troubleshoot customers’ issues and respond to emergencies.
Energy Management and Power Generation Energy Management and Power Generation
Water system operators increasingly strive to perform more sustainably and drive down energy costs. Here are some of the latest energy efficient generators, motors, pumps, blowers, drives and renewable energy systems that water utilities are using to help save energy while delivering a high-quality product.
Out With Waste Out With Waste
A Massachusetts water district earns accolades for energy and water conservation, while plant operators learn new technologies and skills.