Digital Technology

Computerized and digital technology can help operators make their treatment plants run more efficiently. Here is an assortment of technologies that are helping bring wastewater treatment into the digital age.
Digital Technology
CAL 2000 electromechanical gas generator from Advanced Calibration Designs

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Control/Electrical Panels/Drives

  Electromechanical gas generator

The handheld, battery-powered CAL 2000 electromechanical gas generator from Advanced Calibration Designs is microprocessor-controlled and uses precision components to deliver exact concentrations of calibration gases in quantities up to 100 times that of a single typical calibration gas cylinder. Gases that are provided include hydrogen, hydrogen sulfide, hydrogen cyanide, chlorine, chlorine dioxide, ozone and ammonia. 800/737-0223;

  Eddy current drive digital controller

The EC-2000 digital controller from DSI Dynamatic replaces all makes of eddy current variable-speed drives, regardless of coil voltage or speed feedback format. It enables digital or analog integration with digital process control systems, SCADA systems or PLCs. A flexible keypad enables simple and intuitive programming. It achieves responsive, accurate speed control, controlled acceleration and deceleration, selectable local/remote or manual/automatic speed control, external signal following and programmable PID speed control. 800/548-2169;

  Digital controller

The RA-1000 digital controller from Eagle Microsystems lets users monitor residual concentrations of free or total chlorine, chlorine dioxide, or potassium permanganate. It offers eight field-selectable ranges, all-digital controls, self-cleaning electrodes and fully automatic control capability. A sample of water or wastewater containing the target chemical is pumped to a reservoir, where it is gravity-fed to an amperometric measuring cell along with a pH buffering agent, where a small current is developed. The output is processed by an onboard microprocessor-based digital controller, and the residual value is displayed on the LCD readout. 610/323-2250;

  Pump station level controller

The PSL 5.0 pump station level controller from Greyline Instruments uses redundant level sensing. It includes a non-contacting ultrasonic sensor; a loop-powered pressure sensor can be connected for redundant sensing in applications with foam or grease. It is designed for sewage lift stations, wet wells and storage tanks. Calibration and relay set points are easy to enter through the keypad and menu system. An automatic pump run time logging and reporting system helps operators to plan pump maintenance and identify lazy pumps before they fail. 888/473-9546;

  SCADA-enabled control panel

TCOM modular telemetry controllers from Orenco Systems combine the functions of relays, timers and meters into a single device. They can be used as SCADA patches to connect peripheral equipment to an existing SCADA system. They include built-in communication protocols, and color touch screens with built-in programming and real-time data acquisition and control over an Internet, cell or phone-line connection. 800/348-9843;

  Adjustable-speed drive

The P9 low-voltage adjustable-speed drive from Toshiba International Corp. uses virtual linear pump (VLP) technology that creates a linear system curve by automatically tuning the drive to the system and assigning maximum and minimum operating points. Using transducer feedback, its process control mode maintains a setpoint with minimal rise time and virtually no overshoot, settling time or steady-state error. Benefits include running the device at its best efficiency point, load-sharing over multiple devices, sleep timer control and the ability to turn on secondary devices. 800/231-1412;

Flow Monitoring

  Hydrostatic level measurement device

The Level Mate III from AMETEK PMT Products consists of a stainless steel submersible hydrostatic sensor with cable and a fully calibrated microprocessor-controlled digital meter within a NEMA 4X enclosure. Installation is simple; all programming is done at the factory. The device operates in depths from 3 to 690 feet and at pressures up to 300 psi. 215/355-6900;

  Ultrasonic clamp-on flowmeter

The Arrow Hunter Plus ultrasonic clamp-on flowmeter from ECHO Process Instrumentation accurately measures clean or dirty liquid flow in metal or plastic pipes. It uses advanced DSP technology to measure flow velocity from 0.03 to 82 feet per second. Accuracy is +/- 0.5 percent. It offers multiple modular input/output cards and current inputs for mass flow measurements. 850/609-1300;

  Level calibration tool

The QuickCal level calibration tool from ELAN Technologies provides accurate level measurement for open-channel stormwater flow monitoring. It consists of a 26-inch tapered edge aluminum ruler with 0.01-foot and 0.1-inch markings alongside an inset indicator strip and comes with extension pole. The tapered edge reduces flow disturbance, providing a more accurate reading. The level indicator strip darkens when wet, giving an easy-to-read line for water level. 815/463-8105;

  Redundant-level functionality flowmeter

FL900 Series flowmeters from Hach Flow Meter Products & Services offer level-only alarming and redundant-level functionality. In addition to ultrasonic level sensor technology, radar, electromagnetic and acoustic Doppler velocity technologies are available. The plug-and-play design allows for up to four sensor connections with auto-detection of sensor type, allowing users maximum flexibility. 800/368-2723;

  Valved flowmeter

The Model 106-SPI-MV single-point insertion electromagnetic flowmeter from Singer Valve is installed and calibrated with a Singer valve to provide an accurate flow rate. It is available for valves from 4 to 36 inches. With no moving parts and a single-piece design, its sensor contains nothing to wear or break, and is generally immune to clogging by sand, grit or debris.  604/594-5404;

  Measurement system

The plug-and-play DataStick measurement system from Thermo Fisher Scientific Water Analysis Instruments easily integrates into programmable logic controllers. By mixing and matching interchangeable components, it can be custom-configured for applications such as water and wastewater treatment disinfection control, drinking water turbidity and plant effluent monitoring. It provides universal conversion of sensor signals and can be remotely configured, calibrated and diagnosed. 800/225-1480;


  Chlorination/dechlorination process analyzer

The ChemScan UV-2150/DC process analyzer from ASA Analytics provides chlorination/dechlorination monitoring. It detects both residual chlorine and dechlorination chemicals from appropriate points in the treatment process, at concentrations as low as 0.05 ppm. 800/665-7133;

  Residual sulfite monitor

The Model Q46S/66 residual sulfite monitor from Analytical Technology provides dechlorination control for wastewater effluent. Contact outputs include two programmable relays for control and alarm modes. A sensor cable connects the chemistry module and the monitor, and the separation can be increased to 100 feet by the use of a junction box and additional signal cable. 800/959-0299;

  Bacterial analysis device

The GreenLight compact bacterial analysis instrument from Baseline can calculate the total aerobic bacteria count in any water supply in as little as 45 minutes, ensuring a safe water supply. It is especially useful for verifying that wastewater discharge meets NPDES disinfection limits, confirming that drinking water plant disinfection pretreatment is reducing active bacteria without producing disinfection byproducts and determining whether industrial waste discharged to a treatment plant will inhibit the treatment process. 303/823-6661;

  Vibrating rod level sensor

The VR SED vibrating rod from BinMaster Level Controls measure the level of solids that have settled in a tank. It detects when solids reach a specific level in a tank. It vibrates in water until the solids reach the level of the probe, then stops vibrating and sends an alert via a horn or alarm panel. 402/434-9102;

  Solids measurement device

The SMART Turbo System from CEM Corporation provides automated microwave total solids determination in less than three minutes. It measures TSS and total solids in wastewater and sludge. Its IntelliTemp temperature feedback system ensures fast, accurate and reproducible results. 800/726-3331;

  Chlorine residual analyzer

The REGAL Model CRA 5000 chlorine residual analyzer from Chlorinators Incorporated continuously measures the level of free and/or total chlorine in water and wastewater disinfection. It can be used exclusively to monitor chlorine residual levels or may be integrated with the REGAL Model 7009/7010 SMARTVALVE for compound loop (feedback) chlorination and/or feed-forward dechlorination. 772/288-4854;

  Flow switches

RF-2500 Series RotorFlow flow switch sensors from Gems Sensors & Controls include a one-piece composite rotor, strong unibody construction, ceramic shaft and secure sealing. For specific flow setpoint switching, the RFS-type flow switch features setpoints that are fully adjustable over the specified flow range. For users who want simple visual confirmation of flow, flow indicators provide a low-cost answer. 800/378-1600;

  Digital pressure transmitter

The Preciseline from Keller America uses microprocessor technology to provide accurate, thermally compensated outputs for use in pump control and pressure monitoring applications with pressures up to 15,000 psi. Users can choose between 4-20 mA or VDC analog outputs, while the digital output provides an RS485 connection that simplifies connection to a PC. 877/253-5537;

  Remote sensing technology

The iTrans 2 remote sensor from Oldham (An Industrial Scientific Company) is fitted with sensors placed remotely in a bar screen area. Its 4-20 mA output can be used as a direct input to the SCADA system to monitor for combustible gas, H2S and oxygen levels. An audio-visual alarm can be added to alert the operators to dangers of combustible gas, H2S or an oxygen-deficient condition. 800/338-3287;

  Digital panel meters

PD6080 and PD6081 multi-purpose digital panel meters from Precision Digital can display 16 process variables, including Modbus registers, and up to two analog inputs. They are programmable as Modbus RTU masters, slaves or packet sniffers and can accept both current and voltage signals. They can read up to 16 slave devices, scale their data and display the results. Three of the front panel buttons can be custom-programmed for a specific operation. 800/343-1001;

  Differential pressure transmitter

The battery-powered differential pressure transmitter from Primary Flow Signal provides accurate flow measurements without an external power source. It provides flow rate and totalization readings for applications including gas, water, chemicals and air with temperature limitations. It suits remote locations where power is not available and can be applied to PFS meters such as the WedgeType flow meter and Venturis. 401/461-6366;

  UV analyzer

The UV254 M2000 analyzer from Real Tech provides continuous, real-time testing of UV transmission in water. Monitoring allows for UV disinfection output adjustment to save on energy and UV lamp life. The analyzer is available in path lengths to serve different types of waters — longer paths for drinking water and shorter paths for wastewater. 877/779-2888;

  Process monitoring transmitter

The TX-2000 pH/mV transmitter from Sensorex monitors changes in fluids, displaying pH or ORP and temperature for accurate control. Its dual-output design (one for pH or ORP and one for temperature) eliminates a separate temperature transmitter. A large backlit LCD screen displays both parameters, and two adjustable relay contacts deliver results to automated process control systems. 714/895-4344;

  Laboratory measurement device

The MultiLab 4010-3 three-channel laboratory instrument from YSI, a xylem brand, measures pH, ORP, BOD or conductivity in any combination of three parameters. It has an antibacterial keypad, graphic color display and data storage capability. All sensors are intelligent design sensors (IDS), allowing for digital sensor recognition and digital signal processing. 800/765-4974;

Operations/Maintenance/Process Control Software

  Proactive utility management software

ReadCenter Analytics software from Badger Meter provides water utilities with easy access to timely metrics and information. It uses metering data to facilitate information-driven decisions. Its Web-based advanced metering analytics (AMA) solution helps utilities optimize operations to increase productivity, improve customer service, conserve resources and generate more revenue. An enhanced dashboard provides an immediate system overview so that personnel can see issues such as leaks, tampering and reverse flow. 800/876-3837;

  Mobile workforce automation

The FlexOps mobile workforce automation package from FlexSystems facilitates plant operations inspections. It addresses the blind spots of SCADA systems by standardizing manual procedures with touch screen-guided, PDA-based inspections, ending transcription errors and secondary data capture and validating data at the point of entry. It provides an electronic method of performing critical manual inspections. Supervisors receive secure, validated data through automated reports that include daily activity, work order requests, fire safety and exception reports delivered to them by email. 303/684-8303;

  Communications platform

KEPServerEX from Kepware Technologies, manages communication through a platform that supports an array of proprietary communication protocols, APIs, various automation systems interfaces and open standards such as OPC and SNMP. The single server platform supports more than 150 drivers, providing more than 250 unique protocols. This allows consolidation of data from various sources, helping to ensure data consistency and reliability, reduce network traffic and provide a platform for automation communications. 207/775-1660;

  Process control software

LabLite Process Control software serves facilities with repetitive processes and testing requirements. Based on user rights, operators see only what they need to do their tasks. When an operator enters a result, it is immediately compared to color-coded and named limits for fast recognition. If they make a mistake, a red flag alerts them to trouble. The program can also be set up to capture instrument and/or SCADA data and include this information in reports. 888/954-5483;

  Alarm-messaging system

The MetroMail alarm-messaging system from Metropolitan Industries sends email and text messages based on the status of eight individual alarm inputs. It can monitor any electrical or mechanical system. Users plug the Ethernet port into an Internet-enabled network or cell modem, configure the device with the appropriate text and/or email settings and begin receiving notifications. The system can be integrated into any control system including SCADA systems, data acquisition systems, flow monitoring equipment and control/electrical panels. 815/886-9200;

  Energy management software

StruxureWare for Water software from Schneider Electric includes an easily configurable dashboard tool that allows for ad hoc reporting and analysis. At the operations level there are several tools that aggregate energy and related data into a single platform to analyze and find energy savings opportunities. And at the control level, the power monitoring functions deliver data as actionable information through a customizable, user-friendly interface accessible from computers and handhelds on the network. This helps maximize system reliability through alarming and predictive tools, while focusing on optimization of operational efficiency. This functionality can be scaled from small systems up to the largest of municipal or industrial systems. 770/329-3878;

SCADA Systems

  SCADA system

SCADA systems from Kruger USA use 3-D graphics that realistically represent process components such as pumps, motors, instruments and valves. An easily navigable architecture lets users change screens and access information such as status, set points, alarms and historical trends. A password hierarchy provides varying degrees of system access. Authorized users can start/stop equipment and adjust set points. All operator actions are logged so that alarm acknowledgement, equipment start/stop and setpoint adjustments are recorded for review. 919/677-8310;

  Monitoring/SCADA system

The M800 system from Mission Communications provides real time, advanced monitoring and managed SCADA for water and wastewater systems. It uses cellular communications for reliability and fast deployment. Versatile scheduling options are included for efficient notification to staff. Alarm notifications are delivered by voice calls, text messages, emails, faxes and pagers. Users can access, analyze and download data through secure web portals, accessible on any computer, tablet or mobile device. 877/993-1911;

  Scalable SCADA system

The wireless Scalable SCADA system from Revere Control Systems provides flexibility for growth. Non-proprietary hardware and communications protocols eliminate common restrictions on growth, application and supplier. Protocol choices include cellular, radio, modem and landline. Standard features include built-in serial and Ethernet ports, Web pages and data logging with FTP transfer to a server. 800/536-2525;

  Real-time SCADA software

SmartSCADA from Survalent Technology provides real-time control and data acquisition for utilities with no limits for status points, control points, analog points or communication lines. It includes a SCADA Explorer database editing application and WorldView graphical user interface. Features include rapid polling of RTUs for exceptions, select “before operate” control execution, variable control durations for momentary controls, automatic interleaving of multiple priority messages, scheduled accumulator freezes and polls, scheduled integrity (general interrogation) polls, time synchronization of the RTUs and sequence of events data uploading and processing. 905/826-5000;


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