Inside the May 2011 Issue of Treatment Plant Operator

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All for One All for One
Strong teamwork among a small do-it-all staff drives success for an award-winning 8.25 mgd activated sludge plant in Madison, Ala.
Ever Greener Ever Greener
A series of innovations bring substantial gains in self-sufficiency and energy efficiency for the wastewater treatment plant in Waco, Texas
Hands-on Education Hands-on Education
An Ohio district gives high school students an up-close look at wastewater treatment as a challenging and rewarding career
Ahead of the Curve Ahead of the Curve
Software improves the speed and quality of power measurement, helping a Wisconsin sanitary district to conserve energy and reduce costs
Two-Pronged Solution Two-Pronged Solution
A combination of technologies helps a Minnesota city comply with tight phosphorus limits and produce reuse-quality water
Partners in Training
Minnesota regulators and operators work together on educational programs to advance knowledge in treatment plant and collection system processes
May Industry News
Duperon Names Aiken Regional Sales Manager; WesTech Engineering Acquires WWETCO; Pump Solutions Group Acquires EnviroGear Product Line; Corix Utilities Provides University with $2 Mil Endowment; Ruhrpumpen Launches Website; Sensorex Launches Website; Big Fish Completes NSF Verification Test; Wilden Launches Product Website; Industrial Video and Control Acquires Longwatch
Eye on Alkalinity Eye on Alkalinity
Simple tests can help you determine whether too little influent alkalinity may be keeping you from meeting a minimum chlorine residual
Come On In — The Water’s Fine
These days a magazine is a lot more than a paper thing that comes in the mail. It’s also part of an evolving world of online communication.
Thirsty Ground Thirsty Ground
Rain gardens at the Grand Rapids treatment plant help capture and filter more than 12 million gallons a year, helping to curtail runoff pollution
May Product News
Featured products of May
Online Vibration Monitoring System  Warns of Defects Online Vibration Monitoring System Warns of Defects
VIBNODE online condition monitoring system from Ludeca
Denitrification: A Unique Approach Denitrification: A Unique Approach
The Littleton/Englewood Wastewater treatment plant applies an innovative two-part strategy for highly cost-effective nitrate removal
Deep Dive Deep Dive
Dave Kalin devotes himself fully to exceptional-quality treatment, and to building an efficient plant with a cross-trained and highly competent staff
Turning the Corner Turning the Corner
Operations staff engineered a revival that changed the Tarpon Springs treatment plant from a problem facility to a multiple-award winner
Worth Noting - May 2011
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