Pump Controls - PRIMEX Eco Smart Station

The Eco Smart Station control system from PRIMEX provides a safe, simple, energy-efficient solution for optimum pump control in municipal lift station applications. It uses the latest technology in variable-frequency drive, microprocessor-based controller, data storage and communication capabilities available. It achieves up to 30 percent energy savings using an efficiency auto-tune algorithm that searches for the pump speed that will consume the least amount of energy per gallons of liquid pumped. It is housed in a multiple-compartment Arc Armor enclosure, reducing the risk of injury resulting from electric shock and exposure to arc flash. The control and power circuitry are isolated in separate compartments, preventing unnecessary operator exposure to high-energy circuits and potential arc-flash conditions. It is available in 29 models, from 10 to 100 hp. 844-477-4639; www.primexcontrols.com


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