Chemical/Polymer Feeding Equipment - AdEdge Water Technologies ADIN CO2

The ADIN CO2 injection system from AdEdge Water Technologies is an alternative to other methods of alkalinity control and pH reduction. It’s ideal for the reduction of alkalinity prior to primary treatment components for optimizing contaminant removal. The system uses carbon dioxide gas, which when released in water, forms carbonic acid — a weak acid that immediately reacts with alkalis to reduce pH. As a gas, carbon dioxide is inert, noncorrosive and easy to store. With the use of the included monitoring equipment and injector, the control panel can be used in several different configurations to reduce pH. The automatic systems use a pH probe downstream of the system to regulate the amount of carbon dioxide being injected into the water. An injector and mixer are provided with all systems for optimal injection. A manifold and regulators are provided for carbon dioxide cylinders. 866-323-3343;


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