Product Focus - January 2021

Product Focus - January 2021

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AdEdge Water Technologies InGenius

InGenius control panels from AdEdge Water Technologies are custom-engineered programmable logic control panels designed to meet site specifications for monitoring and integrating treatment systems with auxiliary equipment and controls for water systems. The panels integrate the process in one place for safety, monitoring, ease of service and installation. They are NEMA 1-4, 4X, 12 and 13 certified, and constructed from thermoplastic, stainless steel, painted steel and fiberglass. They have a hand on/off selector, backwash indicator, LED lamps, security key latch and probe-mounted displays for flow, pH, chlorine, TDS and turbidity. They include level and relay controls, auxiliary power supplies, power converter (110- to 24-volt or 12-volt and AC to DC), surge protection, Ethernet networking, audible/visual alarm indicators and a SCADA interface. 866-823-3343;

Delta Treatment Systems control panels and alarms

Delta Treatment Systems’ control panels and alarms are easy to install and operate, and they provide intelligent monitoring and alarm functions for residential, commercial and industrial wastewater treatment systems. Panels are available in several models engineered for use with advanced wastewater treatment systems and custom package plants. All panels can be supplied with UL and/or Canadian UL 508A listings upon request, and customized control panels are available. The CP20/40/50 Series monitors air pumps and effluent pumps on the Whitewater treatment system. The Series CP22 panels monitor the air blower on ECOPOD systems with options for controlling and monitoring UV lights for disinfection after treatment. Series CP8000/9000 control the ECODRIP preengineered disposal systems’ headworks filter system and effluent dosing pump using a programmable logic controller for time-dosing drip disposal fields. 800-219-9183;

Flowrox Malibu

The Flowrox Malibu portal is a combined IIoT online process monitoring, maintenance and analysis tool. The data is collected from sensors on a device, sent to a cloud, processed and shown in the Malibu portal. It is easy for anyone to view and use, because data is presented through a 3D model of the actual pump station, filtration process, thickener or other devices. This IIoT online process monitoring portal enables maintenance and analysis of the process. It collects data from smart products in operation and converts it into an easily accessible and visual format. It also functions as an analytics tool. Together Malibu and smart products create Flowrox Digital Services. 410-636-2250;

Hach Data Delivery System (DDS)

The Data Delivery System (DDS) from Hach is an efficient flow monitoring service tailored to deliver relevant data when needed. For a fixed monthly fee, it provides all of the equipment, data transmission and technical support needed to acquire flow data — delivered in real time for immediate analysis. It allows operators to know their flow status anytime, anywhere, for either long- or short-term applications. 800-368-2723;

KSB SES System

The SES System from KSB can show an operator ways to increase the energy efficiency of pump systems and prolong their service. By recording extensive measurement data, it is possible to evaluate the system operation and identify potential savings and any causes of damage. The operating range can be assessed regardless of the installation type or manufacturer. It can record process variables and vibration levels through on-site measurements, including pressure, rotational frequency, fluid and bearing temperature, analog signals 0/4-20mA and vibration, performing frequency analyses to identify causes of damage. The report and presentation of findings include an action plan and profitability analysis. 804-222-1818;

Markland Specialty Engineering Automatic Sludge Blanket Level Detector

The Automatic Sludge Blanket Level Detector from Markland Specialty Engineering uses high-intensity infrared light that, along with its slim profile, enables it to measure the sludge bed depth even in water/wastewater clarifiers and tanks that have obstructed or constricted areas, such as the inclined plates of lamellas. The beam intensity of the LED-phototransistor sensors automatically adjusts for thick or thin biosolids concentration or even light flocs. This detector allows operators to program desludge pumps to run only when necessary for maintaining the preferred liquid-solids interface level, saving wear and tear on pumps. It helps maximize water removal and optimize feed density. In dissolved air flotation units, it can adjust surface skimmer speeds to match variations in the thickness of the floating sludge layer. In sequencing batch reactors, it can control the decant valve to minimize cycle times. Calibration is not required. 855-873-7791;

Park Process PolyCat

The PolyCat batch-type polymer blending and injection system from Park Process is used for the preparation of liquid polymer to aid in the flocculation of septic tank waste sludge in the dewatering process. The batch tank method allows for the time necessary to uncoil the long-chain polymer molecules, making them more effective in reacting with sludge solid particles. It is used in conjunction with standard solid separation devices, dewatering boxes, centrifuges, belt presses, filter presses and other equipment requiring flocculation to enable dewatering. 855-511-7275;

Smith & Loveless Force Main Sync

Force main pressures vary; and without accounting for the variable conditions, reduced service life and a multitude of other issues arise. These phenomena result in impeller and volute erosion, reduced bearing and seal life, excessive pump noise, and vibration. Force Main Sync from Smith & Loveless monitors hydraulics in the common force main to keep pumping at the required flow rate. Using a PLC touch-screen human-machine interface, a variable-frequency drive and a force main sensor, it constantly senses force main pressure and automatically adjusts the VFD to maintain a constant flow rate, no matter how many stations are online. 800-898-9122;

YSI, a Xylem brand Alyza

Alyza wet-chemistry analyzers from YSI, a Xylem brand are used for continuous monitoring of orthophosphate or ammonium. They can be used to monitor effluent concentrations for either parameter, but can also directly control particular processes. The PO4 can control chemical dosing for phosphorus removal, in which dosing rates are automatically adjusted to maintain a desired orthophosphate set point. The NH4 can be used for ammonia-based aeration control. This control strategy adjusts aeration output based on an ammonium set point and continuous data from the NH4. The MultiPort mixing valve significantly reduces chemical consumption and maintenance. With the reduction in chemical consumption, nondrip, IV-style chemical bags are used in place of large jugs. They are available in single- or dual-channel versions, and operators can benefit from accurate measurements at low concentrations, extensive onboard diagnostics, automatic calibration and automatic cleaning. 937-767-7241;


JDV Equipment Double Membrane Biogas Holder 

The Double Membrane Biogas Holder from JDV Equipment is easy to install, has low-upfront capital costs and requires low operating capital. Its design allows for variable biogas storage within the inner membrane at constant pressure during gas production and utilization, while the air-inflated outer membrane provides gas pressure and protection. The outer membrane is constructed of a high-tech, cross-woven fabric that’s coated with PVC and UV-ray protection, proven to endure the weather elements. Sensors monitor the volume of gas present, giving operators full control of optimizing the utilization of biogas to feed generators and/or heating systems. Storing digester biogas can eliminate flaming from the digester, and it can help reduce or completely eliminate the need for electric grid power when generators and/or hot-water boilers are incorporated into the facility design. 973-366-6556;


Hurst Boiler Euro Series

The Euro Series from Hurst Boiler has a full wet-back radiant heat transfer area that promotes internal water circulation and rapid heat absorption. Separate rear tube sheets allow each pass of tubes to expand and contract at their own rate without tube-to-sheet stress. Tubes are mechanically rolled, flared and beaded, making any tube service a simple matter. The only refractory in this design is a rear plug, which allows easy access to the furnace for inspection. It is available in eight models from 100 to 2,000 bhp. It is designed for optimum fuel efficiency and has proven in certified tests to meet, and often exceed, the efficiencies of four-pass boilers. There are no refractory baffles to replace or maintain. 229-346-3545;

Heat Exchangers/Recovery Systems

Alfa Laval welded spiral heat exchangers

Controlling temperature and maximizing efficiency of anaerobic digesters is critical for optimal bacteria growth and stabilization of sludge. Alfa Laval spiral heat exchangers handle this tough duty with ease, with a single-channel, low-fouling design that sits in a compact footprint. They can help maximize heat transfer, save space and reduce maintenance. 866-253-2528;

High-Efficiency Motors/Pumps/Blowers

Boerger Biogas Rotary Lobe Pump

The Boerger Biogas Rotary Lobe Pump offers biogas operators an effective and wear-resistant solution for pumping biogas substrate from renewable resources. Its Premium Profile steel rotor has profiles incorporated into the rotors to ensure that fibers in the pumped medium become part of the short-term wear surface. They attach themselves in the grooves and are continuously renewed each time the rotor turns. This organic short-term surface provides full protection from wear, and the rotor itself shows virtually no signs of wear even when subjected to long-term exposure. It is constructed using a maintenance-in-place design, which allows for all wetted parts to be replaced without the removal of pipe or drive systems. 612-435-7300;

Eurus Blower ZZ Series

ZZ Series blowers from Eurus Blower are drop-in replacements for competitor blowers. They have heavy-duty cast housings, machined impellers, alloy steel shafts with oversized bearings, hardened/precision machined steel forged gears, oil-lubricated gear and/or grease- or oil-lubricated drive sides, plus keyless locking assemblies for easier timing gear maintenance. The blowers provide up to 15 psig pressure and 2,350 cfm flow. 630-221-8282;

Vogelsang XRipper

XRipper grinders from Vogelsang are designed with twin Ripper Rotors, which are one-piece cutting elements that ensure maximum torque is delivered when grinding tough solids. The refined design of the teeth is suitable for shredding wipes, plastics, rags and other troublesome waste. The rotors allow the unit to be easily serviced as compared to other units that feature individual blades and spacers. By loosening just a few bolts, the wet-end of the unit is pulled from the housing and easily serviced. Units can be serviced on site in a matter of hours, as opposed to days. Drop-in replacement units are available for all common pipeline, channel, lift station and hoper-fed applications. 330-296-3820;

Water/Wastewater Reuse

BioMicrobics BioBarrier MBR

The complete, optimized design of the BioBarrier MBR system from BioMicrobics simplifies the settling, screening, direct aeration and ultrafiltration of the wastewater treatment process to remove 99.9% of the contaminants. Certified to NSF/ANSI 40 Class 1, NSF/ANSI 245 (nitrogen reduction), and NSF/ANSI 350 standards, this blackwater/graywater treatment system establishes the material, design, construction, and performance requirements for onsite residential and commercial applications. Installed above or below grade in locally sourced tanks, the system offers from 500 to more than 100,000 gpd flows and also meets water-quality requirements for the reduction of chemical and microbiological contaminants for nonpotable water use. The treated wastewater can be used for restricted indoor water use and/or unrestricted outdoor water use. It is a packaged, pre-engineered, scalable, and efficient solution, which enables property owners, regardless of their size, to gain a rapid return on their investment. 800-753-3278;

Orenco Systems AdvanTex AX-Max

AdvanTex AX-Max wastewater treatment systems from Orenco Systems are containerized, fully plumbed, plug-and-play units sized for larger commercial and municipal applications. Units come in a variety of configurations, measuring up to 42 feet long by 8.5 feet wide. They can be installed singly or in multi-unit arrays, either above ground or buried to grade. They use an attached-growth treatment method to produce clear effluent with significant nutrient reduction, suitable for surface discharge after disinfection or subsurface irrigation or other reuse. One unit can process up to 5,000 gpd of raw sewage or 15,000 gpd of primary-treated effluent. Units reduce nitrogen up to 90%, depending on configuration, and provide reliable performance with only a part-time operator. 800-348-9843;   


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