Biosolids Heaters/Dryers/Thickeners - Biosolids Heaters/Dryers/Thickeners

The ThickTech rotary drum thickener from Parkson is suitable for biosolids thickening in both municipal and industrial applications, and it can be used to increase capacity of other solids-handling equipment, such as digesters. Fabricated of stainless steel, it is engineered to provide years of reliable service. The flocculation tank design allows for maximum detention time with low fluid shear. The internal drum components such as roll bars and split augers ensure complete sludge turnover in three dimensions and detains sludge for maximum water release. It uses woven wire mesh screens, which have the smallest individual opening sizes, yet possess the highest overall open area. As a result, sludge volume reduction and capture rates up to 98 percent are possible, all with low polymer usage. The EZ-Care design, available on most models, saves time on maintenance with a no-lube drive system, long-lasting stabilizer wheels, and extreme-duty trunnion wheel bearings. 888-727-5766;


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