Sequencing Batch Reactors - Parkson Corp. PISCES CFSBR

The PISCES CFSBR (Continuous Fill Sequencing Batch Reactor) from Parkson Corp. combines the process benefits of cyclical treatment with the simplified operating concept of continuously filling all reactor tanks at all times. All required treatment steps occur within the reactors, eliminating the need for clarifiers and biosolids recycling. Treatment is accomplished using an aeration step followed by settle and decant. Treated effluent is removed from the upper portion of the basin by a DynaCanter floating solids-excluding decanter. The DynaCanter does not require any in-basin actuators or drive mechanisms to control the unit, making operation and maintenance convenient. The system can be provided with several aeration types, including VariOx jet aeration and fine- or coarse-bubble diffused aeration (fixed and retrievable). The cycle steps are dynamically adjusted utilizing DynaPhase Control software so that process performance and energy consumption are optimized during all flow conditions. 888-727-5766;


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