Buildings/Structures - Walker Process Equipment, A Div. of McNish Corp., Rolling Grit System

The Rolling Grit System from Walker Process Equipment, A Div. of McNish Corp., provides a means to pre-aerate, remove grit, and dewater grit slurry with very low energy input and no underwater moving parts. It consists of a support bridge, blower, and a centrally located eductor tube with built-in swirl vanes that induce a rolling action that also rotates the contents about a vertical axis. The rolling action effectively separates grit from organic material while maintaining the organics in suspension. Settled grit is carried to a center hopper, where either a grit pump or an integral airlift pump transfers the grit to an inclined screw grit washer outside the basin. This system can be constructed in all stainless steel and produces low hydraulic headloss, has no mechanical equipment or parts in the grit flow stream, and is easily adjusted to the plant flow and loading conditions. 630-892-7921;


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