Covers/Domes/Infrastructure - Airmaster Aerator Turbo X-Treme IAT

The 25 hp Turbo X-Treme IAT from Airmaster Aerator is a high-efficiency, floating/surface aerator that can pump 5 mgd. The stainless steel unit incorporates a turbo blower and a double-sided impeller to achieve high-capacity water movement with maximum aeration and mixing. In operation, it disrupts the molecular structure of the wastewater and infuses air. The air-infused wastewater is then discharged from both the right and left side of the aerator and mixed from the top of the basin to the bottom. This creates a complete mix of air-infused wastewater in the basin without increasing the temperature of the wastewater. It can consistently raise the dissolved oxygen levels in the water while providing high-capacity water movement. 888-813-3680;


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