Activated Carbon System - Activated Carbon Services – PACS Activated Carbon Adsorption Software

Activated Carbon Adsorption Software from Activated Carbon Services – PACS quickly and efficiently provides adsorption capacities on activated carbon for 818 organic volatile compounds. This software information enables the plant manager to pick the best carbon for each application and the amount of carbon they will need to provide odor control. The database provides humidity effects on adsorption at different influent concentrations. The adsorption feature in presence of humidity is easy to use. The user puts in the compound of interest and relative humidity and pushes the calculate button to get a two-page output including influent concentrations of 100 to 10,000 ppmv, adsorption loading on dry carbon in cubic centimeters of compound adsorption per 100 grams of activated carbon, and adsorption in the presence of humidity. 724-457-6576;


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