SBRs - Parkson Corporation EcoCycle SBR

The EcoCycle SBR from Parkson Corporation combines DynaPhase Control technology with efficient treatment schemes. It uses true batch operation, which produces high-quality effluent since no raw wastewater enters the basins during the settle and decant process steps. A flow control manifold is used to distribute raw influent across the floor of the tank during fill periods to ensure intimate contact between the raw wastewater and the settled biomass. Aeration options include VariOx jet aeration, fine bubble, coarse bubble and floating aerators. The DynaCanter floating decanter excludes solids from the decant piping without requiring electromechanical components inside the basin. Check valves in the decanter drawtube remain closed during mixing and aeration and are opened simply by hydraulic force when the effluent valve (located outside the basin) is opened. DynaPhase Control technology optimizes treatment sequencing during high-flow events and is available with numerous instrumentation options. 888/727-5766;


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