Activated Carbon Systems - Park USA OdorTrooper

The OdorTrooper air treatment solution for wastewater systems from Park USA is ideal for piping systems, pump stations and plants located near populated developments. It is inconspicuously placed underground, adjacent to the odor-producing equipment and hidden from view. Carbon adsorption is used to capture organic chemicals, hydrogen sulfide, VOC concentrations and other toxic and noxious gases. Exhausted air is piped through the activated carbon canisters, absorbing organic impurities. The resulting air vented into the environment is safe, clean and free from odor. The prepackaged system includes a precast concrete vault, OSHA-compliant hatchway, ladder and safety net. A corrosion-resistant air relief valve and piping provide for exhausting and admitting air through the air valves during system operations. The carbon canister is easily exchanged when the activated carbon is spent. 713/937-7602;


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