Odor Control and Disinfection

Odor Control and Disinfection
F-Series premium carbon adsorption systems from Advanced Carbon Systems

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Carbon adsorption

F-Series premium carbon adsorption systems from Advanced Carbon Systems are engineered to maximize carbon life and minimize operational costs. They feature complete FRP construction from premium vinyl-ester epoxy resin with inner corrosion liner and exterior UV-resistant gel coat. Carbon life is extended with more than 99.9 percent grease and mist particulate elimination.

The FRP fan is designed for long bearing life and maximum efficiency. Optional sound enclosures reduce noise to less than 55 dBA. The enclosures also maintain cool fan operation while allowing full access for greasing bearings and changing belts. Standard VFD control allows for precise airflow control while minimizing power draw. Adsorber vessels are available in deep-bed and radial flow configurations. 866/834-5674; www.advancedcarbonsystems.com.


Chlorine dioxide kits

AquaDry kits from Beckart Environmental are designed for on-demand preparation of chlorine dioxide (ClO2) without a generator. The kits offer quick, safe and simple preparation of ClO2 to control, reduce or eliminate odor in a variety of applications. The kits include one pouch each of reactor and activator that mix in water and are ready to use within about 10 minutes.

The system produces variable liquid concentrates by adjustment of the amount of water in the recommended formula. Applications include treatment plants, industrial wastewater processes, water reuse and recycling systems, and septic/sanitary treatment facilities. The kits are available in 100-gram and 5,000-gram pouches. Material can be prepared and stored in any suitable container following manufacturer recommendations, or mixed and dispensed using the company’s optional mix and feed unit. 262/656-7680; www.beckart.com.


Aluminum domes

Clear-span aluminum domes from CST Covers provide cover to above-ground and in-ground wastewater storage tanks. Aluminum’s corrosion resistance makes the domes well suited for corrosive wastewater environments. Lightweight dome structures are easy and fast to install.

The domes provide odor control, low maintenance and construction cost, and design flexibility. Structurally efficient, the domes meet site-specific load requirements while accommodating process equipment underneath or above the covers. They accommodate snow loads up to 300 psf and wind speeds exceeding 200 mph. Domes can be designed up to 1,000 feet in diameter. 913/621-3700; www.cstcovers.com.


Odor control system

The OdorDigest Duo system from Enduro/Bay Products is a staged compartment system that removes odorous compounds from a variety of sources. It is primarily used for applications with medium to high levels of hydrogen sulfide along with other odors that require a high degree of treatment. The system consists of an FRP vessel (round or rectangular) in a variety of sizes with an integral bioscrubber on the front end. This removes most of the hydrogen sulfide and is followed by a biofilter section. The first stage promotes autotrophic bacteria, and the second stage is designed for heterotrophic bacteria. 800/707-8655; www.endurocomposites.com.


Tank covers

Defender tank covers from Environetics are custom manufactured from industrial-grade materials to fit new or existing wastewater treatment tanks or portable water tanks. The odor control covers contain volatile organic compounds at their source. The low-profile structurally supported covers minimize emission treatment volume to reduce the cost of air filtration equipment. 815/838-8331; www.environeticsinc.com.


Energy-efficient UV

The Amalgam UV system from Engineered Treatment Systems (ETS) uses energy-efficient 800-watt lamps for disinfection. The chambers are designed using CFD models that predict performance. The units contain an inspection hatch, and automated wipers that keep the quartz sleeves free from fouling. The chambers can be installed vertically or horizontally, and will deliver a UV dose from 30 to 120 mJcm-2, depending on the application. 920/885-4628; www.ets-uv.com.


Vapor odor control

NoMask from Advanced Odor Controls is converted from a super-concentrated liquid to a vapor phase by equipment specified according to where in the wastewater process the odors are generated, from pump stations to biosolids handling. It is designed as an effective, safe and low-cost alternative to masking agents and scrubbing chemicals for stopping year-round, sporadic and project-related odor complaints. Emergency systems are available.

NoMask is biodegradable, environmentally friendly and reduces part-per-million levels of common odors such as hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, sulfur dioxide, and methyl mercaptan. The product complies with EPA guidelines 81-1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. Its LD50 rating is 0 and it is USDA approved. 410/421-9180; www.odorcontrols.com.


Retractable cover

The structurally supported cover system from Geomembrane Technology consists of a retractable sheet of high-strength, UV-protected, coated fabric tensioned across a series of low-profile aluminum arches that span a tank opening, to control odor.

The cover is sufficiently airtight to capture odorous off-gas for removal by ventilation, yet it can be quickly detached on three sides and retracted to expose the tank contents for inspection or maintenance. Rain and snowmelt run off. Intermediate aluminum walkways divide long tank covers into sections for easy retracting. Hatches can be located in the walkways for inspection or sampling access. Off-gas removal piping connects directly to the cover system. 603/569-0676; www.gticovers.com.


Coated storage tanks

HydroTec epoxy-coated tanks and Aquastore glass-fused-to-steel coated tanks from CST Storage (formerly Columbian TecTank and Engineered Storage Products) are designed for all liquid applications including wastewater, sludge storage, leachate, aerobic/anaerobic digesters, potable water and industrial liquids.

The modular steel design allows tanks to be erected on-site with minimal environmental disruption. The tanks offer protection and durability, low maintenance requirements and simple, safe construction. 913/621-3700; www.cst-storage.com.


Fume hoods superstructure

The UniFlow Aire-Stream fume hoods superstructure from HEMCO features unitized dual wall construction for chemical resistance, strength and durability. It is performance tested to ASHRAE 110-1995, UL 1805 certified for fume hoods and cabinets, SEFA1 recommended practices for fume hoods, and greener product certified. Custom sizes can be modified to suit special needs. The hoods include low flow constant-volume and variable-air volume models. Process-specific models are PVC-, phenolic-, or stainless steel-lined for perchloric acid or acid digestion. 800/779-4362; www.hemcocorp.com.


Launder covers

Launder Cover Systems from NEFCO are designed to inhibit growth of algae on launder trough and weir surfaces by blocking sunlight. Without sunlight, the algae are largely eliminated or reduced to a light film easily washed away with a hose.

The covers contain odors produced when effluent breaks over the weir or can operate with scrubber systems that draw the trapped gases off and treat them. The covers are designed to meet specified load requirements with safety factors and can accommodate safety railings where necessary. The covers also keep ice, snow and debris from the launders. 561/775-9303; www.nefcoinnovations.com.


Maximized disinfection

The TrojanUVSigna from Trojan Technologies includes the TrojanUV Solo Lamp technology. It reduces cost of ownership and simplifies operation and maintenance. Disinfection is maximized with a staggered, inclined lamp configuration and bank walls. The unit is well suited for large facilities wanting to upgrade disinfection systems or convert from chlorine. 888/220-6118; www.trojanuv.com.


UV lamp and sleeves

4000L medium-pressure ultraviolet lamp and 4000Q quartz sleeve assemblies from UV Superstore, designed by First Light Technologies, for microbiological control are designed to fit model UV4000 UV wastewater treatment disinfection systems. The HID 3.2 kW lamps and sleeve assemblies are individually packaged for maximum protection. 770/307-3882; www.uvsuperstore.com.


Bio-oxidation system

Bio-sumpVENT from Met-Pro Environmental Air Solutions is a lightweight, modular bio-oxidation system for odor control at lift stations, sewer vents, and other small, contained processes. The exterior is fiberglass plastic (FRP) with a sealed lid that houses an internal framework to support BioAIRSpheres organic media for the adsorption and digestion of odorous compounds. The system can handle H2S and other odor compounds (mercaptans) in airflows up to 200 cfm. Single-stack or multi-vessel systems are available.

The system can be combined with a Bio-Pro bioscrubber when higher levels of H2S are present in applications such as headworks, clarifiers, biological and solids processing and collection facilities. The combination of the bioscrubber with the organic media-based bio-oxidizer provides complete odor control for H2S and organo-sulfur compounds. 503/691-2100; www.mpeas.com.


Tablet chlorination

The Accu-Tab tablet chlorination system from PPG Industries offers a safe, simple solution for disinfecting water and wastewater. The system combines engineered chlorinators with 3-inch controlled-release 68 percent calcium hypochlorite tablets to deliver consistent, controllable levels of chlorine residual. Solution output is controlled by a diaphragm valve. The system can be integrated with an existing system. Once in place, the tablet system runs with little or no maintenance. 800/245-2974; www.ppgaccu-tab.com.


Cyclonic separation unit

The Hurricane Filtration System from Harmsco combines cyclonic separation, cartridge filtration, and up-flow technology in a compact filter housing. The system separates dense solids before cartridge filtration for extended cartridge life, increased dirt holding capacity and reduced operating costs. The up-flow design prevents air entrapment, and rotational flow around the cartridge improves cartridge-load performance.

Liquid flows into the housing through a tangential entry and is channeled between the outer housing and the inner housing wall. The inner wall rises from the base to just below the top of the housing so that liquid must flow around and then over the inner wall before entering the cartridge-filtration area. The outer flow creates a cyclonic effect, and a combination of kinetic energy and centrifugal forces combine to make dense solids bounce along the outer casing and lose velocity. The tangential entry is located high on the housing to reduce the velocity of liquid flow in the bottom of the outer chamber and promote settling of the dense solids. 800/327-3248; www.harmsco.com.


Odor abatement

Biological Air Treater (BAT) from Purafil provides efficient and cost-effective odor abatement and VOC treatment. With blends of polyurethane-foam cubes and polypropylene spacers, the unit offers a fixed-film biotrickling filter technology. The mixture of cubes and spacers prevents plugging and channeling, providing a lower pressure drop. The natural biotrickling microbial process, with stable biofilms resistant to fluctuations, requires little maintenance. The mixed media has been proven in various odor-control applications.

The design offers a small footprint, and users can include a chemisorptive polishing media for higher contaminant and odor removal. Applications include wastewater treatment plants, food and agriculture, chemical and pharmaceutical, and petrochemical. 800/222-6367; www.purafil.com.


Noncontact disinfection

ENAQUA noncontact systems are nearly maintenance free, low-cost solutions designed for sequencing batch reactors with up to 24 on/off cycles per day.

Water is directed through Activated Fluoropolymer (AFP) tubes, with dry UV lamps on the outside. Banks of lamps surround the tubes so that each tube is exposed to UV light from all sides, allowing for rapid lamp changes without the need to clean the quartz tubes. There is no need to interrupt or remove any hydraulic seals during lamp maintenance. The tubes need never be replaced or removed from the system.

The AFP tubes ensure that algae does not grow in the system, making it well suited for lagoons. The systems do not require weirs. 800/321-4989; www.enaqua.com.


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