Grit Handling/Removal/Hauling - Schreiber Grit & Grease

The Grit & Grease removal system from Schreiber consists of two rectangular concrete channels that separate and collect grit and grease. One channel settles particles while the other collects grease. A rotating spiral flow pattern washes organics from the grit, then deposits it in a trough at the bottom of the channel. A grit pump mounted to a traveling bridge then pumps the grit to an elevated trough sloped at one end to transfer the slurry to a classifier for further washing and dewatering. Floating grease is transported to one end of the channel by an air-skimming system. Air is directed onto the surface of the grease channel in the direction of a rotating screw conveyor. The screw conveyor rotates, lifting the grease for disposal in a collection container. 205/655-7466;


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