Solve Your Clogging Problems With envie3 Submersible Pump

 The Barnes family of pump products from Crane Pumps & Systems provides versatility, high performance and great value. For more than a century, engineers, plumbing contractors, builders and developers have relied on Barnes wastewater pumps and pressure sewer systems for reliability and durability.

In 2021, Barnes introduced the envie3 series portfolio. This next generation of dry pit submersible pumps can run in wet applications and in dry pits. These pumps took Barnes’ proven nonclog and chopper wet ends and outfitted it with a premium, efficient IE3 motor that can run in both vertical and horizontal configurations. The patent-pending closed loop glycol cooling system allows for stress-free, easy maintenance and installation in the most demanding of applications. The envie3 is Barnes’ most versatile and efficient solution to date that will solve clogging problems in any application, according to the manufacturer. This is proven in the case study below.

City of Bluefield, West Virginia

The city of Bluefield is one of the core cities that sits on the West Virginia-Virginia border. Serving a population of about 22,000 people, Sanitary Board of Bluefield is comprised of approximately 350 miles of sanitary sewer lines all leading back to two treatment plants. About 9.5 million gallons of wastewater run through the two plants every day, with the Westside Treatment Plant treating 8.3 million gallons and the Ada Treatment Plant treating 1.2 million gallons. 

Pump station details

Bluefield has seven pump stations, all of which have had consistent problems with clogging issues, mechanical failures and constant maintenance. The pump issues had become daily occurrences, and frequently hair and plastic would get stuck in the existing pumps. Each time a pump would clog or fail, it resulted in costly downtime for the treatment plant. Surrounded by mountains, the city of Bluefield prides itself on a community oriented and safe atmosphere. With these daily issues, the Sanitary Board of Bluefield knew it needed to upgrade its equipment to live up to these promises to the community.


This was the perfect opportunity for Buchanan Pump Service & Supply, a local Barnes distributor, to step in and test a new solution for Bluefield. In February 2021, it installed an envie3 nonclog Barnes pump in a triplex dry-pit station at the treatment facility. The pump is a 4-inch ESH 15 hp nonclog with a maximum flow of 800 gpm. With the help of the 4x6 base elbow, the envie3 was easily installed with minor piping changes from the original competitor.

Since installation, the pump’s average daily runtime has been seven hours, starting approximately eight to 12 times each day. The Bluefield team has noticed a significant reduction in surface temperature of this new pump in comparison to the other units in the station due to the envie3’s glycol cooling system. The max temperature that it has reached has been 90 degrees F due to the pumping volume doubling on that specific occasion.

Since installation, Bluefield has not experienced any issues with the envie3 pump. Due to the cooler surface temperature, reduced clogging issues with no occurrences since installation and the easy installation, the Sanitary Board of Bluefield is considering replacing the other units in the triplex station with the Barnes envie3. They are also planning to outfit the sister station with a Barnes solution as well.

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