Increase Debris Capture Efficiency With Raketec

Raketec features an innovative multiple rake screen design that increases debris capture efficiency, prevents costly downtime and repairs, and allows safer and more efficient wastewater treatment plant operation.

Among the benefits of using Raketec are:

• No downtime: No jamming or debris blocking the mechanism.

• No submerged moving parts: No sprockets, bearings or sensitive moving parts under grade level.

• Up to 80 mgd: Drastically reduced period of blinding.

• Maximum efficiency: It cleans and collects debris

• Smooth and safe debris collection: No more stuck waste between the teethrake and the screen.

Aqualitec’s experts designed a simple, robust and versatile system to meet the tough demands of today’s wastewater treatment environment. Raketec, Aqualitec’s innovative multiple rake screen solution, offers up to 80 mgd flow capacity. It is highly resistant to clogging and debris damage because it has absolutely no submerged moving parts.

“We have gotten more screenings in a couple days of operation than we got in months with the old auger screen,” says a spokesperson from the city of Hiawatha, Kansas.

Aqualitec Corp. provides a wide selection of cost-effective, innovative wastewater screening equipment and sludge treatment solutions.

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