Ensure Accuracy and Compliance With YSI’s 3017M DPD Chlorine Analyzer

The new 3017M DPD Chlorine Analyzer manufactured by YSI continuously measures free or total chlorine in municipal drinking water or wastewater effluent. Using the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency-approved DPD colorimetric method of analysis, the 3017M provides accurate and reliable chlorine measurements in a variety of municipal and industrial applications to help monitor and control the chlorination process.

The 3017M is a self-contained analyzer and can operate as a standalone analyzer without requiring a secondary controller, data subscription or mobile app to see your data. The analyzer’s onboard display allows you to quickly see the chlorine measurement in real time. The 3017M can also be easily integrated into YSI’s IQ SensorNet system of online controllers, analyzers and sensors for better visibility and control of your process. In addition, the 3017M is easy to operate with low maintenance requirements and factory calibration.

Compliance and applications

The 3017M provides reliable data for process optimization and reporting by using EPA-approved DPD methodology to ensure accuracy and compliance. This analytical method complies with EPA regulations 40 CFR 141.74 (drinking water) and 40 CFR 136.3 (wastewater), which makes it suitable for drinking water and wastewater permit reporting in the U.S. The 3017M measurement method conforms to Standard Methods 4500-CL-G, EPA method 334.0, and ISO method 7393-2.

Primary drinking water applications for the 3017M include monitoring residual chlorine for process optimization, alarming and reporting. Primary wastewater applications include disinfection control, monitoring dechlorination and process optimization.

The 3017M’s reliability and low-maintenance design help ensure the collection of reliable, accurate data for informed decision-making.

YSI, a Xylem brand, offers lab, field and process monitoring instrumentation for municipal water and wastewater facilities. YSI’s IQ SensorNet continuously monitors water quality to help improve process control and operational efficiency. YSI lab and portable instruments provide accurate, reliable measurements.

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