Mobile Sensor Management from Hach keeps operations running smoothly

Water treatment facilities require complex analytical systems to measure and control water quality. Spectrophotometers, analyzers, probes, sensors, SCADA, controllers and various other instruments provide critical data throughout the day. Keeping those instruments in good condition keeps a plant running smoothly.  

The margin for error is small, and the stakes are high. After all, a treatment plant serves families, businesses, nearby communities and might even ripple out to regions downstream. Managing this complex system 24/7 is a big part of keeping a facility — and its water — under compliance. Yet this critical task is often handled by a small crew — sometimes even a single operator. 

One device, actionable insights

In the tradition of making water treatment and analysis simpler for plants, Hach offers the power of clarity — reliable data and instrument performance for instruments — from a single device.  

Mobile Sensor Management gives operators the ability to manage water quality anytime and anywhere. With access to crucial sensor information, operators can prioritize daily tasks, focusing on a critical few. The instructions provided from Mobile Sensor Management provide information for daily tasks. Operators can verify process measurements using lab data, adjust process instruments with the click of a button, and plan and perform maintenance. 

Accessible from any 3G/4G or internet-connected smartphone, tablet or computer, Mobile Sensor Management provides:

  • Service diagnostics, maintenance instructions and calibrations in real time. With instrument diagnostics and maintenance guidance delivered directly to a device, the path to smooth operations is clear. Hach sensors and probes require minimal maintenance. However, occasional calibration and cleaning is necessary for accuracy. Mobile Sensor Management delivers equipment diagnostics proactively, identifying minor or major maintenance at the touch of a button. Further, this system provides step-by-step, mobile-friendly maintenance instructions for fast, convenient fixes. 
  • Align process and lab data. Mobile Sensor Management synchronizes process instruments with lab values, letting operators verify readings against grab samples. This further ensures water quality and provides the information needed to make informed decisions about operations. To keep information private, all data is transferred over a secured web server. Mobile Sensor Management records all interactions for logging purposes, making it simple for teams to track records. 

For treatment plant operations to run at peak efficiency, facilities need a solution that provides an accurate story behind the water and systems. With the right solutions, operators can improve operational efficiency, uptime and regulatory compliance. 

Hach Company is committed to providing high-quality products that are accurate and simple to use. For more than 60 years, the company has created solutions to manage water. Hach’s analytical instruments and reagents are used to test water quality in various industries around the world. 

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