Product Spotlight - Water: January 2021

Product Spotlight - Water: January 2021

Managing water in any industry requires risk mitigation, compliance, safety, and process uptime. EZ Series Online Analyzers from Hach provide a solution for continuously monitoring parameters that are critical to these concerns.

The analyzers include the parameters, numerous measurement ranges and constant data that enable operators to make faster decisions. All instruments come in the same rugged mainframe with a compact footprint and a common user interface on industrial panel PCs, keeping training efforts low. They are designed to let operators detect trends and identify potential issues before they become problems.

The suite of analyzers measures parameters such as ATP, toxicity, VFA/TAC and trace metals, along with organics, inorganics and nutrients. Whether for drinking water, wastewater or industrial applications, a wide range of treatment processes can be optimized. They offer flexibility, with a variety of measuring ranges, multistream capabilities (up to eight channels), and multiple parameter options. Automatic calibration and validation allows users to be confident in the accuracy of their analysis, or a self-collected sample or standard can be introduced via the grab-sample port.

With EZ Series technology, operators can improve process control, avoid downtime, and ensure compliance with 24/7 data availability. Administrator access and activated/deactivated menu keys provide customizable access levels for data security, and a variety of analog and digital communication outputs support easy integration into systems.

“Reliable monitoring of remote locations or unmanned plants allows staff to focus on other tasks,” says Monique Lanphear, senior demand generation marketing manager at Hach. “All EZ Series analyzers share spare parts, thus requiring less inventory, while a common user interface reduces training efforts. Automatic cleaning between samples eliminates cross-contamination. All of this adds up to improved performance in your plant.”

Thanks to the versatile instrument platform, in many cases it is possible to match the online analysis to an established laboratory method, including colorimetry, ion-selective electrode, single- and multi-parameter titration, voltammetry, and chemiluminescence or respirometry.

In order to meet the requirements of the individual application, analyzers can be combined with robust sample preconditioning units for filtration or external dilution. All systems are designed for fully automatic operation and require virtually no intervention. The self-cleaning filtration systems are available for different particle sizes. Their design allows for trouble-free sampling and contributes to high uptimes. 800-227-4224;   


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