Keep it green: FPZ side-channel blowers increase energy efficiency

In today’s world, energy efficiency has become increasingly important. Trending topics include everything from biofuels to green technologies that decrease energy consumption and increase energy savings.

FPZ’s side-channel blowers do just that. 

The heart of each blower is an impeller inside a toroidal channel. When subjected to centrifugal force, the fluid flows into the channel, where it is pushed toward the ends of the impeller vanes. The fluid accelerates again and takes a helicoidal trajectory along with a progressive increase in energy. 

The quiet, contained operation, combined with Nema Premium efficient motors, makes the blowers a perfect option for residential wastewater treatment plants. FPZ’s side-channel blowers include solutions that ensure better performance and increased efficiency and reliability. 

FPZ has been a leader in the production of side-channel blowers since 1975 and has the ability to provide custom solutions to meet customer requirements. 

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