Product Focus: Reuse, Recovery and Energy Management

Product Focus: Reuse, Recovery and Energy Management

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Asset Management

Automation24 VEGAPULS C 21

The VEGAPULS C 21 from Automation24 is a noncontact, radar level sensor utilized frequently in wastewater management applications. The device has been used to monitor water levels in pumping stations and for monitoring flow in open channels and dams. It is made of resistant and durable materials to help it survive harsh industrial environments, dealing with environmental factors like a humid environment, condensation on the sensor body and foamy water. It has a measuring range of up to 50 feet and outputs a radar frequency of 80 GHz to keep a narrow 8-degree beam angle. This sensor has features that can be edited through the VEGA software, either via Bluetooth on smartphones or on a computer for more nuanced tweaks to see the true level and flow of the water that is being treated. 800-250-6772;

Boerger Bioselect

The Boerger Bioselect separator is designed for efficient manure separation. It offers low life cycle costs, and is turnkey from a single source — including the separator, pump(s), control unit, or stationary or mobile skids. It includes a profile auger with counter bearing for no auger screen contact. It provides continuously variable dry matter content, and is the largest Separator in the market at up to 600 gpm. 612-435-7300;

Duperon FlexRake IQ

The Duperon FlexRake IQ platform provides real-time smart screening for maximum resilience at the headworks. It tackles high peaking factors due to extreme weather and difficult debris like flushable wipes, first flushes and settled solids. This is accomplished by system improvements and a sequence of operations that automatically responds in real time to optimize the screen field. The reimagined design focuses on smart enhancements to the raking device to manage heavy solids loading events with four times increased debris removal capacity, improved grit and rock handling and greater solids capture. During peak flow conditions, it adjusts the bar screen opening itself to provide additional hydraulic capacity and safety factor, matching the best capture rate to the flow volume in real time. 800-383-8479;


PRIMEX Eco Smart Station

The Eco Smart Station control system from PRIMEX provides a safe, energy-efficient solution for optimum pump control in municipal lift station applications. It uses the latest technology in VFD, microprocessor-based controller, data storage and communication capabilities available. It achieves up to 30% energy savings using an efficiency auto-tune algorithm that searches for the pump speed that will consume the least amount of energy per gallons of liquid pumped. It is also housed in a multiple-compartment Arc Armor Enclosure, reducing the risk of injury resulting from electric shock and exposure to arc flash. It features the Energy View controller powered by kW Logix software, an energy-efficient solution. The color touch screen HMI provides level control, pump alternation, flow monitoring, data logging, alarm logging, historical trending and comes equipped with an SD memory card for data storage and download. It is available in 29 models, from 10 to 100 hp. 844-477-4639;

YSI, a Xylem brand Alyza IQ

Alyza IQ from YSI, a Xylem brand is an online wet chemistry analyzer platform developed to help ensure regulatory compliance, improve operational efficiency, and reduce costs. It is designed to minimize analyzer maintenance while maximizing accuracy and reliability. It features automatic cleanings and calibrations, no-spill reagent containers, and uses only 5 to 15 microliters of reagent per measurement, resulting in fewer reagent changes over time. The analyzer platform has a fully automated temperature control system with a double-insulated cabinet to maximize performance regardless of where it’s deployed. The Alyza NH4 continuously measures ammonium and can be used to help control ammonia-based aeration and ensure regulatory compliance. The Alyza PO4 continuously measures orthophosphate to monitor and control chemical-P removal, verify bio-P removal and help ensure regulatory compliance. 937-767-7241;


Franklin Electric Cerus X-Drive

Designed for variable torque applications up to 600 hp, the Cerus X-Drive is Franklin Electric’s all-inclusive drive solution for a variety of markets. Available as a standalone drive and in multiple enclosed configurations, these panels are built to last, according to the maker, with every detail and component centered around the application’s specific requirements. It can be paired with a choice of motors and pumps to maximize the performance of the application. 866-271-2859;

Heat Exchanger/Recovery Systems

JDV Equipment Sludge Heater and Exchanger System

The Sludge Heater and Exchanger System from JDV Equipment ensures optimal thermal efficiency for anaerobic digestion. The counterflow tube-in-tube Ralph B. Carter design promotes high efficiency heat transfer with minimal fouling to recirculated biosolids. The integrated three-way blending valve maintains a uniform inlet water temperature for increased digester operational efficiency. Each system is manufactured to ASME standards. 973-366-6556;

High-Efficiency Motors/Pumps/Blowers

Cat Pumps Stainless Steel Triplex Pumps

Cat Pumps stainless steel triplex pumps mounted to a gear motor can provide thousands of hours of maintenance-free slip pump service. Direct-coupling a pump to a gear motor provides many advantages, including a smaller footprint, reduced noise and increased ease-of-service with no belts to maintain. A 316 stainless steel manifold, paired with elastomers like NBR, FPM, EPDM and PTFE, allow for many chemical and fluid compatibility options. Performance specs range from 0.1 to 100 gpm, and 100 to 10,000 psi. Custom-built power units include pump(s), motor, base, pressure regulator, safety relief valve, pulsation dampener and gauge. Custom builds typically have a three- to four-week lead time. Pumps and repair parts are stock items, with 95% of orders being shipped within 24 hours of order placement. 763-780-5440;

Eurus Blower ZZ Series

ZZ Series blowers from Eurus Blower are drop-in replacements for competitor blowers. They have heavy-duty cast housings, machined impellers, alloy steel shafts with oversized bearings, hardened/precision machined steel forged gears, oil-lubricated gear and/or grease- or oil-lubricated drive sides, plus keyless locking assemblies for easier timing gear maintenance. The blowers provide up to 15 psig pressure and 2,350 cfm flow. 918-361-0285;

MTH Pumps MDT Series DAF Pumps

MDT Series DAF Pumps from MTH Pumps can provide a sustainable solution for optimized dissolved air flotation. These pumps leverage regenerative turbine technology to reinvent wastewater treatment. By eliminating the need for compressed air, static mixers and pressure vessels, they reduce startup costs and cut energy consumption by up to 30%, benefiting both the environment and the budget. They precisely produce microbubbles for efficient solids and contaminant separation, allowing valuable reclamation from wastewater. Additionally, they promote water reuse, maintaining water quality standards while reducing the strain on freshwater resources. These pumps produce flows between 5 and 100 gpm, and feature all stainless steel construction, air injection port, hard faced seals and internal flush lines. 630-552-4115;

Valmet Flow Control Flowrox FXM

Flowrox FXM metering pumps from Valmet Flow Control are suitable for but not limited to chemical dosing applications that require accurate metering. FXM2 and FXM3 series pumps have only one wear-resistant part (tube assembly) in contact with corrosive or abrasive mediums. The pumps have a low consumption of spare parts, which allows reduced maintenance and downtime to improve process performance and provides accurate dosing. They ensure accurate dosing by the positive displacement of the tube bore with zero slip that produces the same volume on every cycle. There is no variation due to the discharge pressure condition. The compression points of the tube act as a self-cleaning check valve without clogging. This helps eliminate the risk of vapor lock. They have expanded logic programming, functionality and have a higher pumping capacity. Other features include contactless external leak sensors for tube failure detection. They have upgraded motors and control circuits to ensure accuracy even at the lowest speed. 678-772-9584;

Water/Wastewater Reuse

Anua AiraSymBIO

AiraSymBIO from Anua is an onsite, closed-loop odor treatment system that harvests raw wastewater, filters and then treats it for use as the irrigation water in the multistage biological odor treatment system. The system utilizes a water resource already present, thus reducing operating costs, uses no freshwater, and allows the biological odor control system to function as intended, as many areas around the country do not have potable water available at the lift or pump station site or have water conservation initiatives in place, which prohibits the use of biological treatment technologies. 346-225-8033;

Atlantic Ultraviolet MEGATRON Germicidal Ultraviolet Disinfection System

Large-scale industrial/municipal water and wastewater applications can benefit from the MEGATRON Germicidal Ultraviolet Disinfection System from Atlantic Ultraviolet, which contains multiple UV-C lamps producing wavelengths lethal to bacteria and viruses. Four different models treat 90 to 450 gpm of clear freshwater (clear wastewater and high purity water are handled at other flow rates). Each model consists of a Type 316 stainless steel chamber with multiple UV-C lamps, making it completely self-contained. Units can be plumbed together to handle larger water flow requirements. A newly available remote electrical enclosure features an HMI touchscreen, water temperature monitoring and UV-C intensity monitoring. Additional standard features include a sight port for viewing lamp operation, digital lamp operation indicators, an elapsed time indicator and removable chamber heads. It is available with manual or automatic wiper systems to clean quartz sleeves around each lamp. The Model M250 meets Environmental Technology Verification Program standards. 631-273-0500;

Headworks International Ultracell

UltraCell from Headworks International combines MBBR and ultra filtration processes without a need for a secondary clarifier or a DAF to remove the bulk of the TSS. Typically, a biological treatment system is followed by a secondary solids separation process and a tertiary filtration step to produce reuse quality water. UltraCell was developed with an extensive pilot study of its MBBR process with a ceramic membrane. Due to the very low TSS in the MBBR process relative to the MBR, the process requires minimal power and cleaning chemicals.  Moreover, the flux rate through the membrane is increased by a factor of four, quadrupling the lifetime of the membranes. The overall capital and operating costs of the process are significantly lower than the MBR process, while the footprint of both processes is approximately the same. 713-647-6667;

Smith & Loveless TITAN MBR Membrane BioReactor

The TITAN MBR Membrane BioReactor treatment system from Smith & Loveless delivers ease of operation and maintenance through high-performance flat sheet membranes, easy component access, intuitive graphical touchscreen PLC controls, smart advanced data monitoring and communications, reduced process complexity, and a streamlined membrane clean-in-place process. It is designed with a stable process tailored to permit requirements, and is capable of achieving superior effluent quality and Title 22 approved water reuse. It offers a robust system design with stainless-steel componentry and streamlined electrical layout with an operator-friendly wire management system. The treatment plant will arrive in a complete and compact factory-built system with significantly less field assembly for even swifter installation and start-up. 800-898-9122;


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