Product Spotlights - Water: Energy efficient drive a fit for varied environments

Product Spotlights - Water: Energy efficient drive a fit for varied environments

Fans, pumps and motors are the backbone of a water distribution network. They also play a key role in most every component of both water and wastewater treatment processes. They require devices that accurately control just how much material they are moving on a constant basis, though. Over the years, Yaskawa America has produced millions of drives to operate motors, meet exact system demands and reliably save energy while supplying freshwater to countless people all over the world. The newest addition to the company’s industrial AC drive family is the FP605 Industrial Fan and Pump Drive.

The FP605 is an easy to install and configure industrial drive. It is designed for countless applications to reduce energy use, including centrifugal compressors, fans, pumps and process control in many of the pumps and motors typically used in water and wastewater treatment processes. According to Christopher Jaszczolt, Yaskawa America product manager, the FP605 builds on the successful legacy established by its predecessor, the P1000 AC Drive. Like Yaskawa’s latest GA800 and GA500 AC Drives, the FP605 uses flexibility, sustainability, and ease of use to make complicated requirements simple.

“A typical fan or pump running at 50% speed will use less than 20% of the energy of a system using mechanical control methods,” says Jaszczolt. “The FP605 is a versatile drive that saves time and resources on installation and programming, while maximizing efficiency for optimum energy savings and the return on your investment.”

The FP605 allows users to optimize efficiency and control without the need for a drive on every pump. Its contactor-based multiplexing brings on backup pumps as demand increases, while maintaining speed control of the primary pump to meet the exact demand, which maximizes efficiency and minimizes cost. Designed for 10 years of maintenance-free operation, the FP605 is built tough to withstand the harsh and demanding conditions typically found in water and wastewater treatment environments, according to Jaszczolt. The product portfolio includes an IP20/UL Type 1 unit offering 3 to 60 hp at 240 V or 3 to 125 hp at 480 V, an IP20/Protected Chassis unit offering 75 to 150 hp at 240 V or 150 to 600 hp at 480 V; an IP55/UL Type 12 unit offering 3 to 40 hp at 240 V or 3 to 100 hp at 480 V; or an IP55/UL Type 12 with Switch unit offering 3 to 40 hp at 240 V or 3 to 75 hp at 480 V. 800-927-5292;


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