Letters: About Reverse Euphemisms

I wanted to take a few minutes and say kudos for a job well-done in TPO’s Let’s Be Clear editorial. I know it can be a difficult challenge coming up with interesting subjects, along with an objective point of view every month.

So, on that note, in the November column, “Euphemisms in Reverse,” your last question ended with: “Your thoughts?” I would like to chime in with a few thoughts, for what they are worth. “Clean Water Plant,” “DC Water,” “New Water” and “Clean Water Services” always spark my neurons into thought of drinking water and/or water treatment plants producing potable water for human consumption.

“Water reclamation plant” or “water pollution control facility” (words that soften and sound better than “sewage plant” or “wastewater treatment plant”) conjure my thoughts toward the direction of wastewater treatment. Just a thought!

Richard D. Robbins - Wilson, North Carolina


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