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Tanks, Structures and Components
Mixing system helps eliminate temperature stratification

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Sliding-frame silos help plant produce more fertilizer

Problem: The Ocean County (New Jersey) Utilities Authority in New Jersey produces OCEANGRO fertilizer with biosolids from the central treatment plant for sale to the community. Leadership looked to increase production to meet demand by also using biosolids from the north treatment plant. Challenges included getting the biosolids into the trucks at the north plant, unloading at the central plant, and blending the two biosolids streams.

Solution: Schwing Bioset manufactured a custom-designed storage silo with a sliding-frame feeder at the north plant to load trucks. It stores the biosolids and rapidly feeds it into the trucks. At the central plant, two sliding-frame silos receive biosolids from the north plant. The silos have covers to contain odors, and each can accommodate a 25-ton truckload of cake. The silos provide ample capacity, allowing operators at the central plant to meter the feeds from both plants.

Result: The silos enabled processing of the biosolids from the north plant at the rate needed to keep production running smoothly at the central plant, increasing the amount of biosolids beneficially reused as OCEANGRO fertilizer. 715/247-3433; www.schwingbioset.com

Cover system keeps odors from affecting home development

Problem: A home development in North Carolina close to a wastewater treatment plant raised concern about odors. Plant management wanted to cover the equalization chamber.

Solution: Geomembrane Technologies designed, fabricated and supplied a structurally supported cover, designed with truncated arches to accommodate the tank’s unique shape, ensuring a perfect fit.

Result: The cover keeps odors from wafting into the neighborhood. It also helps simplify operations, as it can be easily rolled open when needed to access the chamber for maintenance and cleaning. 855/484-4630; www.gticovers.com

Mixing system helps eliminate temperature stratification

Problem: The city of Reading, Pennsylvania, sought to refurbish its 16-million-gallon drinking water tank that had been experiencing temperature stratification, unequal chlorine distribution and significant chlorine loss.

Solution: The utility installed a Pulsed Hydraulics PHi NSF-compliant large bubble mixing system. Sixteen 8-inch-diameter stainless steel forming plates on the floor of the 220-foot-diameter tank mix the entire contents, bottom to top. Large bubble-forming pulses of compressed air are controlled by two PHi 500 four-valve mixing controllers that have an environmental enclosure housing all components. Two 15 hp compressors with receiver tanks supply high-pressure air.

Result: The mixing system is connected to the plant’s SCADA system to allow remote monitoring and control. It has eliminated the temperature stratification and chlorine distribution issues. 800/641-1726; www.phiwater.com

Facility uses fabric structures to keep biosolids dry

Problem: The Northern Moraine Wastewater Reclamation District in Illinois had been storing treated and dried biosolids outside; the material got wet from rain or snow, causing odors and raising hauling costs.

Solution: The facility purchased two 65- by 70-foot Hercules Truss Arch Buildings from ClearSpan Fabric Structures. They have high clearances and spacious interiors without support posts. The frames are constructed from triple-galvanized structural steel designed to hold up in corrosive environments.

Result: The structures have been effective, and the utility was happy with the construction timeline. Both structures are keeping biosolids dry; the utility may find more uses for similar buildings. 866/643-1010; www.clearspan.com


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