Energy Management and Sustainability

Energy Management and Sustainability
Acme-Slim hot water boiler from Acme Engineering Products

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Electric boiler

The Acme-Slim electric hot water boiler from Acme Engineering Products offers the precise amount of kilowatts for reduced demand. With minor heat loss through the insulated shell, the unit is built to ASME standards. The boiler fits through existing doorways to get into mechanical rooms, allowing it to be piped in on a bypass line. The unit is available in capacities to 540 KW and pressures to 500 psi. 888/880-5323;


High-efficiency motors

Endura Series high-efficiency motors from Aqua-Aerobic Systems provide lower maintenance costs and a longer production life for Aqua-Jet surface aerators and AquaDDM direct-drive mixers. Each unit is vibration tested and hydraulically designed. The NEMA 841 certified motors require no greasing and limited maintenance and draw few kilowatts on electrical systems. 800/940-5008;


Disc diffusers

Fine-bubble disc diffusers with integrated check valve from Atlantic Blowers are made of ABS plastic and EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer). The membrane has perforated “I” slits in a dispersion pattern. The chemical- and age-resistant materials protect the diffusers from harsh environments. The check valve design prevents backflow, while the unit offers extended lifespan and high oxygen transfer rate. 214/233-0280; www.atlantic


Oil-free blower

The ZB 5-120 oil-free blower with variable-speed drive from Atlas Copco uses airfoil bearing technology for high-energy efficiency. The blower delivers 100 percent oil-free air according to ISO standard 8573-1 and eliminates oil contamination. The airfoil bearings allow friction-free flotation of the high-speed rotor. 866/472-1013;


Harmonic filters

Low Pass Harmonic Filters from Arteche Power Quality provide harmonic reduction for single or multiple variable-frequency drives, reducing motor temperature and improving power system efficiency. The filters offer low THD-I and THD-V for any operating condition (0-100 percent load). Standard filters (type KS) maintain 5 percent THD-I across the entire operating rangefrom 0 to 100 percent load. The units are available from 200 to 690 volts and up to 60 Hz. Equipment is available in various NEMA-rated enclosures or as an open-type. A wide range of horsepower/ampere ratings is available. 262/754-3883;


Valveless pumps

Rotary lobe pumps from Boerger are valveless, self-priming, positive displacement pumps that use a timing gear and steel, stainless steel, or Teflon rotors with no preferred direction. The maintenance-in-place design allows quick and convenient replacement of all fluid-wetted parts without removing the pipe or drive unit components. The DPL-size double-acting mechanical seal is designed for pumping hazardous and viscous materials. 612/435-7300;


Adjustable-speed drives

DSI Dynamatic adjustable-speed drives are built to outlast variable-speed drives by 6:1 in pumps, blowers and centrifuges, according to the manufacturer. The drives deliver low ownership cost with 50 to 60 percent lower capital cost than medium-voltage VFDs. The drives feature digital controls for new installations compatible with all brands of eddy-current drives and eddy-current drive upgrades. The controls are 70 percent smaller than comparable medium-voltage VFDs, saving space and reducing installation costs. The drives have an electromagnetic clutch design that is unaffected by fluctuations in power quality, and use less than 1 percent of the power to the motor to achieve greater efficiency. 800/548-2169;


Magnetic blower

The Revolution blower from Hoffman & Lamson is capable of flows from 2,500 to 8,500 cfm and pressures from 3 to 15 psig. The blower uses active magnetic smart bearing technology, surge control technology, high-efficiency permanent magnet motor, integrated human machine interface and programmable logic controller, and current source inverter variable-frequency drive. The entire system is factory prewired and tested in a sound enclosure. The unit offers increased reliability with no maintenance, no contaminating or flammable lubricants, and sound reduction. 800/682-9868;


High ammonia MBBR

The ANITA Mox from Kruger USA is a moving bed biofilm reactor (MBBR) solution for high ammonia concentrations (500-1,000 mg/l). The unit removes nitrogen from sidestreams with 40 percent of the aeration demand of conventional nitrification and without supplemental carbon addition, saving costs and reducing ammonia load and load swings. A continuous control method creates the necessary conditions for ammonia oxidizing bacteria and anammox bacteria to operate simultaneously in the biofilm of a single-stage reactor. 919/677-8310;


Dry pit motors

High-efficiency dry pit submersible motors from KSB range from 6.5 to 10 hp and meet IE2 requirements. Made for dry pit installations, the motors can also be used in wet well installations when the pumps need to run at low liquid levels for extended periods. With 25 percent more copper per kW drive rating, heat loss in the stator windings and squirrel cage of the rotors is reduced. Loss of friction and magnetic reversal losses are also reduced. Available with 4 and 6 poles, the motors comply with NEMA MG1 part 31 requirements. 804/222-1818;


Self-cleaning impeller

ITT Water and Wastewater offers the Flygt N Pump with a self-cleaning impeller design that provides a flow path through the pump, greatly reducing clogging from solid objects such as stringy, fibrous material and trash. 704/409-9700;


Powder coat pumps

Milton Roy’s mRoy series pumps have an advanced powder coat system for extreme durability in harsh conditions. The pumps offer a compact design with a 30-year design life drive, 96,000-hour diaphragm design life and capacities between 0.4 and 17 gph with turndown flexibility. 877/786-7298; www.


Self-priming valveless pumps

NETZSCH Tornado rotary lobe pumps are positive displacement, self-priming, valveless units offering high performance, reliability, and maintenance in place. They are designed for intermittent or continuous operation, provide gentle pumping, and are suited to transfer, process and dosing applications.

The pumps offer high reliability through NETZSCH Gearbox Security System Technology, which provides a positive separation between the pump head/product seals and the pump gearbox to eliminate gearbox contamination in case of seal failure. Compact construction permits a small installation and maintenance envelope. Pump capabilities include high suction lift, flows up to 4,400 gpm, differential pressures up to 85 psi, dry running, and reverse flow. 610/363-8010;


LED light

The SAFR11 LED light from Rig-A-Lite is designed to save energy in hazardous and corrosive environments. Ratings and approvals include: Class 1, Division 2 Groups A, B, C & D; CUL; wet locations; UL 1598A marine outside type; UL 844 hazardous locations; UL8750 LED safety; NEMA 3R, 4X; and IP66. Designed to operate for a minimum of five years with no maintenance, the LED offers 60,000 hours of rated lamp life at 78.1 lumens per watt. At 100 watts, it can replace up to a 250-watt metal halide or high-pressure sodium fixture. The unit is available in different globes that eliminate glare. 713/943-0340;


Intertie protection relay

The SEL-700GT intertie protection relay from Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories provides complete intertie protection for distributed generation for peak-demand shaving. Optional synchronous generator protection and synchronization automatically adjust generator voltage, speed, and phase angle to match line voltage. Suited for temperatures from -40 to 185 degrees F, the device closes the breaker when synchronized. 509/332-1890;


High-efficiency blowers

Power Mixer multistage cast centrifugal blowers from Spencer Turbine provide high-efficiency air delivery. The aerodynamic cast components provide smoother airflow from blower inlet to discharge. The blowers offer pressures to 28 psig, volumes to 35,000 icfm and power to 3,700 bhp. A complete dissolved oxygen (DO) control including programmed master control panel is combined with direct airflow PLC programmed control logic. The system includes variable-frequency drive blowers with automated speed adjustment in response to DO changes plus DO probe, gauges and instruments. 800/232-4321;


Smart control panel

The ECO SMART STATION control panel from SJE-Rhombus offers energy-efficient pump control in municipal lift station applications. The unit, housed in the ARC ARMOR enclosure, features a microprocessor-based controller with color touchscreen HMI, data storage and communication technology. I-Link provides cellular-based remote monitoring and reporting. The pre-engineered control panel is available in 29 models, from 10 to 100 hp. 888/342-5753;


EX generators

Conventional generators from Subaru feature the latest models of EX series overhead cam engines. Available models include the RGX5100, RGX7100 and RGX7800. The RGX5100 is powered by the 10 hp EX30, delivers 5,000 watts and offers 8.3 hours of operation. Powered by the 12 horsepower EX35, the RGX7100 delivers a maximum output of 7,100 watts and provides 8.3 hours of operation. The RGX7800 is powered by the EX40, delivers 7,800 watts and provides 7.5 hours of operation.

All models are available with a recoil or electric starting system. A high surge capacity allows the generators to take on up to 150 percent of the rated power for as long as 20 seconds. Each unit houses a large zinc-plated steel fuel tank and durable electric components that feature copper windings with high temperature insulation. Standard features include automatic idle control, hour meter, low oil level sensor and shut-off, and low-tone muffler. 800/277-6246;


Rotor technology

Smart Conveying Technology (SCT) from seepex includes separable rotor and stator segments. Rotor geometry can be changed over using a plug-in connection with no need to dismantle the suction casing, suction pipe or rotor-sided joint. The smart rotor can only be used in conjunction with the smart stator (SST); it is available for new pumps and as a retrofit for all SST ranges.

The technology includes a two-part pluggable rotor comprising rotor and rotor head. For clockwise pumps, the rotor is axially secured in the rotor head using a locking plate. Torque is transferred using the pin and fork principle. The torque transfer area is protected from penetration by an O-ring. Rotor geometry corresponds to 6LS geometry, and the size of the entire SRT unit (rotor plus rotor head) corresponds to the standard SST rotor. 937/864-7150;


Pump controller

The iQpump controller from Yaskawa America automatically adjusts pump operating conditions as the process variables change while maintaining optimum pump performance and protection. It can replace existing mechanical pump systems using throttling valves, bypass valves or other means of flow control to improve regulation and save energy. It is available from 5 to 500 hp.

The unit is configurable for simplex, duplex or triplex applications and was designed to control typical pumping applications that require systems to regulate constant pressure, constant flow or variable flow/pressure. 800/927-5292;


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