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Tanks, Structures and Components
Stainless steel tanks from American Structures

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Antioxidant protection

The OR-1000 system from Poly Processing deters the oxidation effects of sodium hypochlorite, sulfuric acid and hydrochloric acid by adding a chemical barrier between cross-linked polyethylene tanks and the corrosive chemicals. The engineered inner surface is made of medium-density polyethylene formulated to resist oxidation. The two surfaces are molecularly bound together during the rotomolding process, creating a seamless bond between the XLPE and the inner surface. All wetted surfaces are covered, eliminating chemical attack on the structure. 866/590-6845; www.polyprocessing.com.


Membrane gas cover

The double-membrane design of JDV/Ralph B. Carter anaerobic digester covers allows for variable gas storage within the inner membrane at constant pressure during gas production and use, while the air-inflated outer membrane provides insulation and protection. The outer membrane is made of a cross-woven fabric coated with PVC and UV protection and is proven to endure the weather for 30 years.

A level sensor at the center of the sphere monitors gas volume, allowing operators to optimize use of gas to feed generators or heating systems. JDV will design to retrofit on existing installations or provide design and installation support and services for new construction. 973/366-6556; www.jdvequipment.com.


Clarifier parts

Fairfield Service Company offers a full range of rectangular clarifier parts designed to extend system life. Sprockets include a chain saver option that integrates a ledge on the sprocket to support the weight of the chain rests and a sprocket saver that alternates which teeth engage the barrel of the chain. Sprocket teeth are machined, not cast. The company also offers ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene products for wear resistance, low friction, and low absorption/chemical reactivity. Also available are flight monitoring systems and torque limiting devices that stop the clarifier system before a component fails. 219/872-3000; www.fairfieldservice.com.


Dewatering containers

Dewatering containers from Wastequip separate liquids from solids, reducing clogged pipes and damaged equipment. Containers can remove grit, screenings, skimmings or other solids and have a gasketed rear door with a T-gasket to ensure a proper seal. They have a 1/4-inch floor and 7-gauge sides with all continuous welds inside. Disposable liners and an easy-to-remove shell with a 7-gauge perforated floor aid cleanup. The containers can be customized for specific applications and are available in 20- or 25-cubic-yard capacities with round bottom or rectangular designs. 877/468-9278; www.wastequip.com.


Collapsible tanks

Collapsible storage tanks from MPC Containment temporarily store wastewater. Tanks are also offered in special materials for chemical or fuel storage. Standard or custom sizes range from 250 to 210,000 gallons. Rounded corners redistribute shell stress uniformly. The curvature creates tangential stress, reducing leaks. 800/621-0146; www.mpccontainment.com.


Composite molded grating

Composite molded gratings from Fibergrate are offered with a meniscus or applied grit surface to provide slip resistance for walkways and stairs. The gratings will not rust or rot and resist corrosive water, acids, alkalis and other chemicals. 800/527-4043; www.fibergrate.com.


Sludge scraper

The ZICKERT Shark from WesTech provides sludge scraping in rectangular basins and fits well with lamella plate clarifiers. Concave faces transport sediment like a plow toward a sludge withdrawal point. During the return movement, wedge-shaped profiles slide under the sludge blanket. The device works in all sedimentation processes including grit chambers. It has few moving parts and can be powered by hydraulic or electric motors. 801/265-1000; www.westech-inc.com.


Thermal hydrolysis

The Exelys continuous thermal hydrolysis process developed by Kruger USA increases biogas and energy production while reducing biosolids volume. The system allows continuous rather than batch processing. When used in the company’s digestion-lysis-digestion process, it optimizes energy production. The system allows for higher solids loading, effectively increasing the digester capacity by up to 50 percent. 919/677-8310; www.krugerusa.com.


Tapered panel tanks

Tank Connection supplies storage containment systems including rolled, tapered panel (RTP) tanks for wastewater applications. The company website (www.liquidtanks.com) lets users determine specifications. Users can select and specify a tank in less than five minutes. Reference designs for RTP, bolted construction, shop-weld and field-weld construction are available. 620/423-3010; www.tank connection.com.


Bolted stainless tanks

The bolted stainless steel tanks from American Structures offer a lasting expandable storage solution. Stainless steel with specially designed hardware adds durability and cuts maintenance. The recyclable tanks use sheet materials factory-formed to the tank curvature after the bolt holes have been punched and all factory-installed openings have been cut. Engineering calculations are provided with the drawings if required. Tanks in capacities to five million gallons come with accessories such as manways, roof vents, nozzles, roofs, ladders and cages, platforms, exterior web trusses, piping, level indicators, heaters and agitation systems. Roofs can be stainless, aluminum or fiber-reinforced plastic. 715/235-4225; www.ameristruc.com.


Retrofit membrane

The Titan Mem-Box from Smith & Loveless provides a retrofit membrane system for aeration basins and packaged systems to double plant capacity while reducing operating costs. It improves effluent quality, providing potential for reuse, and complete nitrification is possible. The unit has a compact design to fit existing plants. It inserts into an existing aeration basin. A clean-in-place method reduces operating costs and requires less chemicals and operator time. 913/888-5201; www.smithandloveless.com.


Peripheral drive clarifiers

Peripheral drive clarifiers from Schreiber use leverage to rotate the scraper and skimming assembly. The center bearing design uses precision chrome-alloy steel balls and hemispherically faced spacers. The heavy-duty bearing assembly is rated with a B-10 life of more than 100,000 hours. All equipment for the continuous removal of floatables and settled solids is suspended from a rotating bridge or lightweight rotating beam arm.

The skimming equipment allows continuous removal of floatables regardless of wind direction. Helical scraper assemblies are curved so as to transport the solids into the central hopper in one revolution. The scraper design does not require grouting of the tank bottom. 205/655-7466; www.schreiberwater.com.


Gas holder covers

Ultrastore membrane gas holder covers from Ovivo are PVC-coated fabric membrane digester covers designed for plants that use biogas for energy. Features include high storage capacities, easy installation, UV protection, snow and wind resistance, and capacities to 175,000 cubic feet. The covers maintain a pressurized storage volume, ensuring that gas is ready to use as fuel. 801/931-3000; www.ovivowater.com.


Automated weir cleaning

The WeirWasher automated cleaning system from GillTrading.com can submerge, resurface, and telescope to reach all tank areas and control algae growth on weirs and effluent launders in a circular secondary clarifier. The spray apparatus passes under radial tank components and resurfaces to continue cleaning. Additional telescoping motion allows the system to access the trough. The device controls algae growth in the effluent launder with the ducking surface scum skimmer radial trough design. 866/447-2496; www.weirwasher.com.


Peripheral-feed clarifiers

The Spiraflo clarifier from Lakeside Equipment has a peripheral-feed design that creates an optimal hydraulic flow pattern. The unit produces high-quality effluent, improves solids collection and removal, promotes full utilization of tank volume, eliminates short-circuiting, handles peak flows effectively, and retains suspended solids in the sludge blanket. 630/837-5640; www.lake side-equipment.com.


Reduce sludge handling

Bio Energizer from Probiotic Solutions can eliminate dredging, reduce BOD and FOG, control odors, and increase treatment plant capacity. It can eliminate sludge from lagoons at one-tenth of the cost of dredging while the lagoons stay online. In aerobic digesters, the product increases volatile solids destruction, improves settleability, allows a cleaner decant, and increases digester performance and capacity. 800/961-1220; www.probiotic.com.


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