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It’s About Time

It’s About Time

In regard to your column, “Your Most Critical Audience?” (TPO, July 2011): Amen! “We’re at the end of the pipeline and we take (stuff) from everybody!” That is how many operators felt until TPO came along.

Bless you, as you have brought new life to many operators. But your editorial and the subject article are so true. We all need to teach upward and hope they want to listen and if not, try, try again. I’d like to share a few facts with you. I think we all want to do what you suggest, but don’t have the foresight or resources to pull it off.

So, here are some past examples. Jerry Kitelinger, retired operator from Tomah (the plant you previously highlighted) wanted to do something just as you suggested. So, Jerry and the biology teacher from the high school made a homemade video of waste from the home to, eventually, the river.

They started in the house and flushed the toilet and then went out to the street and opened several manholes, and then went on to the lift pumps, screening, grit removal, biological process (with videotape of bugs) and so on. I asked Jerry for a copy and shared it with others and used it with our office staff as a means to start the awareness and educational process of wastewater biology.

Steve Myers is a graduate biological process engineer. His dad operates a wastewater plant in Utah. They play around with the biological biomasses. His dad mentioned that it was too bad there were no training videos on the oxidation ditch treatment technology. Steve is a computer guru and he made about half a dozen wastewater training videos that are for the common layman. I think his oxidation ditch video is exceptional.

And we don’t have to go over the previously discussed industry image change (name change from wastewater treatment to water reclamation) that this industry needs, as we did that once before. Keep up the good work, as it is refreshing to many. You are a big part of this change and we thank you for recognizing the need. We trust you are finding it beneficial to all including yourself and your future.

Harlan Mueller



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