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Electromagnetic flowmeters

FMG600 Series electromagnetic flowmeters from Omega Engineering measure conductive liquids. The meters have no moving parts and a PTFE lining. Standard outputs include analog, frequency and RS485 communications. Optional sanitary tri-clamp mounting allows use of the FMG600 flowmeters in applications not previously open to magmeters. Local- and remote-display models are available. 203/359-1660;


Versatile transmitter

The NanoCourier Transmitter from Automata is a tool for applications such as sending flow or water-quality data back to the user. It is available with spread spectrum or satellite telemetry. The data can be transmitted to a home or office computer or be made available via the Internet. Extremely low standby current makes the device suitable for solar sites. In applications reporting infrequently it can be used with no charger. It includes a set of configurable parameters that add versatility to many applications. It can be networked with the company’s Mini Field Station. 800/994-0380;


Full-featured meter

The Model ST51 mass flowmeter from Fluid Components International is a full-featured meter with high-accuracy electronics in a compact, explosion-proof transmitter that is easy to install and requires minimal maintenance. The device measures digester gas, biogas and other methane composition biofuel gases. It is calibrated to match the gas composition of the user’s digester system under site-specific flow conditions.

The device uses a thermal mass flow element with flow accuracy to ±1 percent of reading over a broad flow range from 0.3 to 400 SFPS and repeatability of ±0.5 percent. A robust thermal mass flow-sensing element has no moving parts and no orifices. It includes built-in temperature compensation circuitry. The flow element is constructed with a 316L stainless steel body and Hastelloy C-22 thermowell sensors to resist corrosion in digester gas pipelines. 800/854-1993; www.fluid

Outdoor-rated modules and modems

Zlinx Xtreme outdoor-rated I/O modules and modems from B&B Electronics Manufacturing Co. eliminate up to 40 miles of wiring in plant wire replacement. The IP67 outdoor-rated I/O modules and radio modems provide reliable wireless monitoring and control of sensor or serial data in harsh and remote environments. Field configuration options facilitate wireless connections (2.4 GHz short range, 900 MHz long range) to monitor temperature, pressure, level, flow or other analog or digital I/O.

Wirelessly emulating wired technology, the units mount directly to poles or machines. The license-free RF wireless sensor transceiver technology connects data loggers, controls or SCADA equipment with up to 99 percent of sensors available. The I/O modules provide two analog inputs, two analog outputs, two digital inputs, and two relay outputs and feature selectable I/O, both digital and analog. Configurations include point-to-point/peer-to-peer or Modbus. 800/346-3119;


Self-cleaning sensor

The S8000 pH/ORP Platform from Sensorex combines a next-generation, flat-surface, self-cleaning pH/ORP sensor along with modular mounting hardware and optional electronics. The product provides accurate and repeatable pH/ORP measurements. The same electrode can be used in tank submersion or inline mounting applications to measure pH, HF resistant pH, ORP (REDOX) or low ionic pH.

The electrode incorporates double-junction ERP technology, which provides a complex path to protect the reference in the presence of interacting ions. High temperature reference gels protect against thermal breakdown. The sensor cartridge features Ryton (PPS) parts and Viton seals in a chemically resistant body. The sensor electrode measures a pH range from 0-14 at a pressure range of 0-100 psig de-rated under temperature. 714/895-4344;


Non-fouling transmitter

The LevelRat level transmitter from Keller America is used for lift station level measurement. The Kynar diaphragm combines the non-stick properties of Teflon with resistance to puncture and abrasion to create a small, non-fouling level transmitter. The device includes guaranteed lightning protection. 877/253-5537;


Versatile measurement

The FreeWave IO Expansion Module measures and controls intake pumps, temperature, water levels, flow rates, pressures and chemical levels. It has a scalable IO solution with up to 12 IO points per module. Up to 15 modules can be stacked on the radio or base module, allowing up to 192 additional IO points per 15-module stack. 866/923-6168;


Mobile phone app

The i-View mobile phone application from ProSoft Technology transforms iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices into mobile human machine interfaces using 802.11 industrial wireless or cellular solutions. The application enables interoperability between iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices and industrial control systems. It provides real-time, remote SCADA and process control, enabling engineers to monitor and modify live control values on an Ethernet/IP or Modbus TCP/IP network. 661/716-5257; www.


Submersible transducer

TruBlue 555 Level submersible level transducer from Pressure Systems is designed for long-term measurement of water levels. With an internal memory of 8 MB, it stores up to 550,000 level and temperature measurements. An internal 3.6V lithium battery with onboard surge protection lasts five years. The unit provides an accuracy of ±0.1 percent.

The transducer has an RS485 electrical interface. The device is shipped with TruWare software. Users can graph and export data. The transducer sampling modes include linear, linear averaging and event, with programmable sampling rates of up to five readings per second. 800/328-3665;


Stainless steel connection

BinMaster Level Controls has introduced a stainless steel process connection for the BMRX and MAXIMA+ rotary level indicators, designed for use in corrosive materials. The 304 SS solid stainless steel fitting is available in 1 1/4-inch and 1 1/2-inch NPT sizes and comes with a stainless steel seal/bearing carrier.

Rotaries equipped with this connection are configured so that all materials contacting the rotary are stainless steel. The rotaries are designed for level detection of dry bulk material storage and flow in bins, hoppers, tanks, chutes and conveyors. 800/278-4241;


Single-parameter colorimeters

Orbeco-Hellige offers SC450 Series single-parameter colorimeters, which test for a wide range of water-quality parameters. Using the open reagent system, which uses Powder Pack, stable tablets and liquid reagents, many of the instruments offer a choice of multiple ranges and reagent style platforms. Up to 16 data sets can be stored in the internal memory and can be transferred to a computer using a waterproof infrared data port. Each device is supplied with three 24-mm sample cells, required reagents and batteries. 800/922-5242;


Control panel

The Eco Smart Station control panel from Best Controls Co., CSI Controls, Control Works Inc. and SJE-Rhombus provides a safe, simple, energy-efficient solution for optimum pump control in lift stations. It uses the latest in variable-frequency drive, microprocessor-based controller, data storage and communication technology. The pre-engineered solution is available in 29 models, from 10 to 100 hp.

The unit is housed in a multiple-compartment design of the Arc Armor Enclosure, reducing risk of injury from electric shock and exposure to arc flash. The EnergyView controller is powered by kW Logix Software. The color touchscreen HMI provides level control, pump alternation, flow monitoring, data logging, alarm log and historical trending, and comes with an SD memory card. Multiple communication streams for remote monitoring and control are available. 800/746-6287;


LED colorimeter

Lightweight and field portable, the V-2000 microprocessor-based LED colorimeter from CHEMetrics uses pre-programmed methods to measure 13-mm, 16-mm or 1-inch cells in concentration, percent transmittance or absorbance modes. With a built-in computer interface/output, the device can log 100 data points and download them to a printer or PC. Self-filling Vacu-vial reagent ampules minimize contact with chemicals and provide reliable, accurate and safe tests for more than 30 important analytes, including ammonia, chlorine and COD. 800/356-3072;


Photometer detects low levels of lead

The eXact LEADQuick photometer from Industrial Test Systems uses a three-minute procedure that detects low levels of lead. The meter is waterproof and fits in hand. The built-in sampling cell and auto-timer provides convenience. The device provides accurate results with 1 µg/l resolution and a range of 0 to 500 µg/l. 800/861-9712;


Control data logger

The CR1000 measurement and control data logger from Campbell Scientific retains the versatility of the company’s earlier loggers with a detachable wiring panel, separate power supply and optional keyboard display. It has increased memory and more measurement channels, plus an RS232 port for communication, supporting PAKBUS, Modbus, DNP3, TCP/IP, FTP and SMTP communication protocols. Built to be compatible with a wide range of sensors and communication devices, it can measure and control wastewater treatment facilities anywhere on site. 435/753-2342;


Submersible level transmitter

AMETEK PMT Products offers a low-power version of its Model 575 submersible level transmitter. The low-power requirements of the Model 575SB 1-5 VDC output sensor allow the transmitter to operate on battery or solar power. The transmitter indicates the level of the liquid by continuously measuring hydrostatic pressure via its sensing element, an ion-implanted, silicon semiconductor chip with integral Wheatstone Bridge circuit.

All electronics are mounted in a submersible 316 stainless steel housing. A special cable support bracket is available for extra stability. The unit can be calibrated for any span needed. 215/ 355-6900;


Liquid levels monitor

The LevelMaster stand-alone liquid level monitoring system from EPG Companies monitors and displays liquid levels. It includes the EPG LevelMaster CH1000 liquid level meter and the LevelMaster liquid level sensor. Monitoring systems are available with built-in, thermostatically controlled panel heaters to maintain minimum temperature, eliminating condensation and optimizing meter accuracy. Designs also offer options such as intrinsically safe circuitry, level sensors with additional surge suppression, Tefzel sensor cables, and a portable 12V version. 800/443-7426;


Lift station alarm

The Viper kit lift station alarm monitor from OmniSite installs in four easy steps. The kit includes everything needed for installation, including a non-mercury float. The product has complete over-the-air programming. 317/ 885-6330;


Open-channel metering

The HachFL900 Series flow logger with Marsh-McBirney Flo-Dar Sensor from Hach Company is an open-channel flow-metering system that provides users with a time-saving wireless (or standard) flow-monitoring solution. The logger and sensor streamline the flow-monitoring process by reducing site time while increasing personnel safety.

The logger provides verification of on-site operation/communication. Real-time alarms are sent directly to e-mail or mobile phones. The non-contact sensor eliminates sensor maintenance and confined-space entry while reducing monitoring costs. Wireless logger models utilize Hach FSDATA Web-based software that eliminates site visits, allowing users to easily manage flow data 24/7. The logger is compatible with the Marsh-McBirney Flo-Tote 3 sensor. 800/368-2723;


Multi-parameter instrument

Model 4083 EC Meter from Amber Science is a multi-parameter instrument for measuring within aqueous solutions. It has a user-friendly interface, auto range, backlit display, and RS232 output for data logging. It operates on a 9V battery or 115V AC adapter. The non-volatile memory allows parameter set points to be saved when power is removed. Options include a remote audible alarm box that buzzes when measurements fall above or below set limits. 541/345-6877;


Automated process control

The mxCONTROL Type 8620 from Burkert Fluid Control Systems incorporates multi-parameter, panel-mounted transmitters in single-platform, multi-parameter controllers. The unit automates the control of process variables, integrating all control, monitoring and display features and event logging functions in one compact unit.

The controller can be configured to display, transmit and record flow, pressure, pH/ORP, conductivity, turbidity, O2, O3, Cl2, level and temperature through standard 4-20 mA inputs. It processes up to four analog and four digital inputs, five relay and four transistor outputs, and four optional analog outputs simultaneously. 800/325-1405;


Ultrasonic flowmeter

The Flow Hunter II and XDS 03 ultrasonic open-channel flowmeter from ECHO Process Instrumentation is easy to program with the five-button keypad and quick-start menu. It comes with two relays and a 4-20 mA output in a NEMA 4X enclosure with a UV-protected clear lid. It can measure any V-notch or rectangular weir and an assortment of flumes like the Parshall or Palmer-Bowlus. 850/609-1300;


DO measurement

The RDO sensor and analyzer from Rosemount Analytical measures dissolved oxygen in water and is suited for wastewater aeration basins and ponds. Because the sensor uses an equilibrium method, fluorescence quenching, it is less affected by fouling and does not require a flowing sample. The sensor is available with integral or quick-disconnect cable and can be calibrated against a referee instrument or in water-saturated air.

Air calibration is automatic. Maintenance consists of replacing the sensing cap every year. The analyzer accepts one or two sensors and has a customizable two-line display. It has two loop-powered 4-20 mA fully programmable analog outputs. Modbus/RS485 serial communication is also available. 800/854-8257;


Biological nitrogen removal

The BIOS (Bioprocess Intelligent Optimization System) from BioChem Technology can reduce aeration energy by up to 20 percent while maximizing biological nitrogen removal. This hardware and software solution provides real-time monitoring and control based on the dynamically changing biological activity occurring in the bioreactor.

The BIOS monitors influent and operating data by communicating with the SCADA and in situ nitrogen (ammonia and nitrate) analyzers. It simulates the process in real time using the activated sludge model and calculates optimal DO and internal recycle rate set points for the momentary conditions and overall treatment objectives. The system can also control the WAS rate and SRT and carbon dosing for enhanced nutrient removal, where applicable. Plants using the system typically report a 15 to 20 percent reduction in aeration energy and up to 40 percent improvement in TN reduction. 610/768-9360;


Master station

The Master Station fieldbus from Bernard Controls eases the command and control of many motor-operated valves. The system combines PLC technology, full redundancy and bus continuity. Digital communication enables users to retrieve information from field units. 312/327-5260;


Optical DO/BOD kit

YSI Inc. offers an optical dissolved oxygen/BOD kit. The ProOBOD optical-based BOD probe works with the ProODO handheld instrument to make it a true lab/field device. Optical technology allows users to reduce or eliminate membrane changes, calibrations, warm-up times and interferences. The probe is tapered to fit into a standard 300 mL BOD bottle in the lab.

The ProOBOD is a self-stirring device that ensures a representative sample. The ProODO instrument allows for USB connectivity to send data to a PC. The instrument can accommodate a field DO cable for versatility in instrument choice. 800/897-4151;


Conductivity sensor

The two-electrode CSX2 conductivity sensor from Electro-Chemical Devices measures electrolytic conductivity and is designed for high-temperature service up to 392 degrees F at 250 psig. At temperatures below 212 degrees F, the sensor is rated for pressure up to 400 psig. The unit features a 316 stainless steel outer body and center electrode, separated by a poly ether ether ketone (PEEK) internal insulator. It has a weather-resistant aluminum junction box for easy access to the terminal strip or signal conditioner and uses a 0.75-inch FNPT connection. 800/729-1333;


Gas detection controller

The TA-2016MB-WM gas detection digital wall-mount controller from Mil-Ram Technology features a 16-channel system using the RS485 Modbus RTU multi-drop smarter transmitter (sensor) network. It has four relays, 10 Amp/channel, latching/non-latching function, low/mid/high fault relays, LED alarm indicators, a local buzzer, backlit 16-character by two-line LCD display, auto scrolls for channel data/fault conditions, and simple front panel, pushbutton channel setup. An eight-channel controller is available. 888/464-5726;


Atmospheric monitor

GfG Instrumentation offers the G460 multi-sensor atmospheric monitor. A concussion-proof boot, combined with a dust- and water-resistant housing, protects the instrument. Installed sensor options include infrared (NDIR) for CO2 and PID for a direct reading of toxic VOC measurements.

It offers automatic calibration, one-button operation, top-mounted display, interchangeable battery packs, and a highly configurable smart sensor design. A wide range of additional sensors is available, including SO2, HCl, CI2 and NO. 800/959-0329;


Handheld diagnostics

The micro LM-100 laser distance meter, micro CD-100 combustible gas detector and the micro IR-100 non-contact infrared thermometer are the latest handheld diagnostic tools from RIDGID. The LM-100 laser meter provides distance readings up to 164 feet. It stores the last 20 measurements, weighs 0.5 pounds and measures within 1/16 inch. The CD-100 combustible detector detects methane, propane, butane, ethanol, ammonia, hydrogen and other gases. The IR-100 infrared thermometer provides surface temperature readings at the push of a button. It has a temperature range of -58 to 1,472 degrees F and is equipped with a tripod for repeatable measurements. 800/769-7743;


DO analyzer

The Model 2100SC industrial-grade dissolved oxygen combination analyzer/sensor from RELIANT Water Technologies is designed for maintenance-free use in wastewater treatment aeration basins or bioreactors. It has a multi-line, backlit digital display that continuously shows DO and temperature and active relay status. Other features include single-button automatic calibration, programmable relays, isolated analog and digital outputs, 72-hour trend graph, sensor and analyzer self-diagnostics. 504/400-1239;


Low-power gas sensor

The DM-100 low-power gas-detection sensor from Detcon monitors a range of toxic gases and can be used with the SmartWireless product line or as a stand-alone. The sensor is 4-20 mA loop-powered and detects gases from 0-1 ppm and 0-10,000 ppm. The unit uses fully encapsulated electronics housed in a stainless steel vault to eliminate water ingress and corrosion. Options include an explosion-proof junction box with field replaceable transient protection circuit, a loop-powered LED display, and an alarm relay board. 888/367-4286;


Information management

Hach Company offers expanded electronic EPA filing and flexible pricing with version 7.1 release of Hach Water Information Management Solution (WIMS) software. This data management software program is designed for the drinking water and wastewater industries. The new version offers electronic reporting in all states that require or allow electronic filing. Users can eliminate paperwork by electronically filing reports.

The software includes automatic output of graphs and reports, along with a 4 GB database with all multi-user licenses. It integrates data from many sources into one central, secure database for easy monitoring, analysis, reporting and predictive modeling. It is fully configurable to each organization. Streamlined reporting, user-defined alerts, and charting, graphing and mapping tools help users make informed decisions. 800/227-4224;


Video management system

Version 5.2 of the Video Management System from Longwatch includes a Value Edition of the Console Recorder, a low-power XLP version of the Video System that delivers surveillance in remote areas, and improved database functions. The recorder monitors and records activities at up to six operator consoles, including screen displays and operator actions via the keyboard and mouse, allowing engineers and supervisors to replay an event. The low-power option enables the system to operate on solar power and batteries. 781/255-7400;


Adjustable-field sensors

The QS30AFF400 foreground suppression sensor and QS30AF600 background suppression sensor from Banner Engineering use linear imager technology. The foreground suppression sensor detects targets varying in color or shape against a fixed background, while the background suppression sensor detects objects when the background is neither controlled nor fixed. It also ignores objects beyond the sensing field cutoff. The sensing range for both units can be adjusted with a screwdriver potentiometer or via remote teach wire input. A visible red LED-sensing beam ensures sensor alignment. 888/373-6767;


Water-quality sensors

The WQ-FDO optical dissolved oxygen sensor from the ITT Corporation Global Water Instrumentation brand helps users meet strict water-quality regulatory requirements. The sensor offers fast and precise DO measurements, a proven green-light technology for long life, and a beveled membrane that minimizes interference caused by air bubbles.

It is simple to operate and offers low power consumption and maintenance. It has dual 4-20 mA output for partial pressure and temperature, which can be easily integrated into an existing or new monitoring system. Optional stainless steel or plastic armor is available to protect the sensor in harsh environments. 800/876-1172;


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