Upgraded Technology Extends the Life of FlexRake Screens in Chelford

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Upgraded Technology Extends the Life of FlexRake Screens in Chelford

The Chelford City Municipal Utility District (MUD) wastewater treatment plant, operated by SiEnvironmental LLC, processes an average of 3.8 million gallons a day for approximately 13,000 customers in the greater Houston area, with a peak capacity of 11.2 mgd and ultimate discharge to Lake Houston.

In 2011 and 2013, the plant replaced two antiquated climbing screens with FlexRake screens from Duperon. The improved performance was immediate and long-lasting, persevering even through Hurricane Harvey in August of 2017, which saw 53 inches of rain fall in the Houston area over just three days. Having had such a positive experience with Duperon’s equipment and customer service representatives, Chelford City MUD decided to upgrade them to Duperon’s new FRO IQ rotational assembly.

FlexRakes get a facelift

The new FRO (FlexRake Only) IQ is designed for existing Duperon screens to expand capacity and capability, as well as improve wear resistance of the system without the cost or operational burdens of a new installation. Designed with a patent-pending sequence technology that delivers four times more debris removal, the FRO IQ enhances solids handling by sensing conditions and speeding up — or slowing down — to accommodate changing debris and flow in real time, automatically, without operator intervention.

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