Rotary Press Enables City to Dewater More Efficiently

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Rotary Press Enables City to Dewater More Efficiently


The City of Lancaster, South Carolina, had a fan press system that could not keep up with demand. Population growth along with aging, unreliable equipment forced the city to haul liquid material at high cost even when the dewatering system was running. The system could process only 14 gpm and deliver 8% solids.


After a successful pilot test, the city installed a rotary press from Fournier Industries while the dewatering system was down. The city chose a six-channel rotary press, which was installed in July 2019.


After four months, the press was processing at 80 to 100 gpm and delivering cake at 17-18% solids. The digesters are now emptied in two to three days rather than two weeks. The staff now can choose which days to run. 

“Our budget for polymer is going to drop by two-thirds, and I no longer have to worry about my solids levels,” says Donnie Ledford, plant superintendent.

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