How to Use UV-Vis Sensors for Wastewater Process Monitoring

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How to Use UV-Vis Sensors for Wastewater Process Monitoring

Monitoring of wastewater characteristics is critical for effective management of a water resource recovery facility. Laboratory measurement of grab or composite samples is the dominant method of compliance monitoring. However, process monitoring is increasingly being done with measurements from online analytical instrumentation. Continuous monitoring improves decision-making and reduces the burden on staff for sampling and measuring process parameters multiple times per day. The information allows managers to minimize inputs of chemical and energy and avoid conditions leading to process upsets. The selection and reliability of sensor technology has improved substantially in the last decade. For example, sensors based on spectrophotometry are now available for direct measurement of important parameters without using costly reagents that need replenished often. 

Click below to download a white paper that provides guidance on proper selection, commissioning, maintenance, operation and application of sensors based on spectrophotometry for process monitoring of wastewater treatment. 

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