FlexRakes Deliver Reliability for a Michigan CSO Facility

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FlexRakes Deliver Reliability for a Michigan CSO Facility

The Downriver Utility Wastewater Authority in Wyandotte, Michigan, is a CSO facility servicing 13 area communities with an average flow of 40 mgd. For wet weather and storm events, the plant is rated for 225 mgd — second only to Detroit in the state of Michigan. The plant is home to seven screens: four used during everyday flow, and an additional three accessed primarily during storm events.

Prior to the installation of the Duperon FlexRake FPFS, the DUWA utilized a catenary screen. Over time, the screens proved to be a maintenance hassle for the facility, according to Dan Alford, assistant superintendent. “We had to take the whole channel out of service just to work on the screen, and it got excessive,” he says. “Just the general maintenance was costing us between four and eight hours each week — and that was just the routine work. It was more when the unit was down or damaged, and if you didn’t spend the routine time on maintenance you could count on the screen to tear itself up.”

Download the case study to learn more about the solution found with the Duperon FlexRake.

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