Dewatering Challenge Overcome With Rotary Press Upgrade

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Dewatering Challenge Overcome With Rotary Press Upgrade

Problem: The Aberdeen Proving Grounds WWTP, serving the U.S. Army's facility in Harford County, Maryland, faced a sludge dewatering challenge with its outdated 50-year-old vacuum coil filter. With a design flow of 2.0 mgd and a current flow of 0.9 mgd, the existing system was labor-intensive and incompatible with composting operations due to its high lime content.

Solution: Various replacement options were considered, including belt filter press, centrifuge and Fournier Rotary Press. After thorough evaluation, the Fournier Rotary Press emerged as the optimal choice for several reasons. It promised the potential for higher cake solids, boasted the highest level of automation, ensured containment of odors, provided an ideal operating environment with low noise levels and a dry setting, and required less maintenance due to the low operating speed of rotating parts.

Results: Despite a higher initial capital cost compared to other alternatives, the Fournier Rotary Press demonstrated the lowest 20-year present worth costs, primarily attributed to its reduced operating expenses. This cost efficiency stemmed from lower polymer usage, diminished need for operator supervision, decreased maintenance requirements, and lower electrical consumption. The rotary press not only presented itself as a financially viable alternative to traditional mechanical dewatering methods but also stood out as an operator-friendly system, potentially outweighing any concerns related to a slower throughput.

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