Cost-Effective THM Removal and Happier Customers

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Cost-Effective THM Removal and Happier Customers

The following is an interview with Greg Alexander, general manager of Rayburn Country Municipal Utility District in Jasper County, Texas.

Can you tell us a little bit about you, your organization and your water system?

My name is Greg Alexander and I am the general manager for Rayburn Country Municipal Utility District (RCMUD). I have been working here for 22 years.

We provide water and sewer services for over 1,000 customers throughout Jasper County, Texas. We have 55 miles of sewer line, 50 miles of water line, and two groundwater wells. We are considering the addition of a third well due to the growth of tourism in the area. 

What were your initial steps to reduce THMs?

Years ago, RCMUD and the RCMUD Board worked with a project engineer to find options for reducing THMs. Cost was a big issue for all solutions we explored.

RCMUD was originally a free chlorine system. We decided to switch to chloramine disinfectant as it was the most economical option known to us at the time. Using chloramine did help reduce our THMs, however, it came with the consequence of bad water aesthetics. The water had an unpleasant, cloudy tea-like look to it and it became obvious chloramine was not all we had hoped for. We then switched back to chlorine and restarted the search for a more viable THM solution. 

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