Webinar: Unleashing My Plant Potential: Swapping Spreadsheets for Streamlined Reporting

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Are you among the 88% of utilities that still collect their operations data on paper and then store it across multiple, static spreadsheets? Don’t let both your workload and risk mount by relying on manual processes for managing your operations and reporting. By improving data visibility and access across your facility, you can put an end to human errors, duplicated work, and violations — as well as unlock opportunities for efficiency like reducing chemical spending. 

Developed in partnership between Hach and Aquatic Informatics, Rio is a cloud-based data management solution that can optimize your operations. Join us to discover how Rio can save you time and cut costs by combining the data you collect from the field, SCADA, LIMS, GIS, WIMS into a single secure, central database. 

See first-hand how you can:

1. Ensure data accuracy and accessibility

2. Optimize analysis and decision-making  

3. Avoid duplicated work, human errors, fines, and knowledge loss


Kevin Koshko, Product Manager, Water Treatment

Kevin Koshko is the product manager for water treatment software solutions.  He has worked in the water industry for the last 23 years and has been building water software since 2002.  Kevin is also a licensed water distribution and wastewater treatment operator.

Erik Larsen, Digital Solutions Expert

Erik is a digital solutions expert with a special focus on AI and machine learning, data and analytics, and managed services.


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