Webinar: Synergizing Solutions: Process Intensification for Municipal Wastewater Challenges

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To meet both the challenge of growth and stringent limits as well as eliminating discharges caused by wet weather events and infrastructure development, Veolia has combined the benefits of ZeeWeed* Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) for enhanced nutrient removal together with biologically enhanced high-rate ballasted clarification (BIOACTIFLO™), for secondary standards level of treatment of wet weather flows. This presentation will show how the combination of the two technologies allows for significant savings in overall project and operating costs and provides for a resilient and proven solution for Municipalities, along with full-scale case studies of existing references.

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Reid Staton, Product Development Manager, Veolia Water Technologies

Reid Staton is Product Development Manager helping to support Veolia's ACTIFLO® Ballasted Clarification System.  Located in Raleigh, NC, he has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from North Carolina State University and has been with Veolia for over 22 years.  Prior positions within Veolia include Mechanical and Process Engineer and Process Manager.  He has extensive experience in process engineering and operation of physical/chemical separation and filtration processes for water and wastewater treatment. 

Jason Kizer, Regional Sales Manager, Veolia Water Technologies & Solutions

Jason Kizer is Veolia’s regional sales manager for municipal systems in California and Arizona.  Jason has over two decades of experience focused on the application of membrane treatment systems for municipal and industrial applications.  With the limited water resources in the southwestern USA, the use of MBR is becoming the norm and as such Jason works with customers on MBR projects daily.


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