Optimizing Your Dewatering Belt Press or Centrifuge to Reduce Operating and Maintenance Costs

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Sludge management. Increasing demands on facilities. Skyrocketing maintenance costs. Do these issues sound familiar?  If so, please join us as we take you to our Houston facility and show you how to reduce sludge management costs, build for the future and reduce maintenance costs by looking at and optimizing the belt presses and centrifuges found in your wastewater treatment plant. 

It is estimated sludge management costs can be 50% or more of the total expenditures of a wastewater treatment plant. Any savings in this area can have a big impact on your overall operating budget. We’ll talk about ways you can reduce handling and shipping costs, maintenance expenditures, polymer usage and more.

We’ll also discuss the flexibility you need to upgrade for the future as well as the ability to save space when real estate is limited. Finally, we’ll review growing maintenance costs, how to get them in check and get you back to the business of managing your facility.


Sheldon Young, Online Business Development Manager, Food and Water

Sheldon is a creative and innovative problem-solver with more than 25 years’ experience across multiple industries. He is currently responsible for helping food and water industry experts resolve some of their most difficult problems by connecting them to Alfa Laval’s industry leading solutions.

Marc Arquit, Southwest Regional Manager for Water and Wastewater

Marc is an Alfa Laval leading expert on municipal and industrial water separation with specialized knowledge of belt filter presses, centrifuges, plate and frame presses and more. He has more than three decades experience in the industry.

Chris Temple, Global Sales and Service Manager, Alfa Laval’s Ashbrook products

Chris is a global service sales leader with fifteen years’ of experience in waste water with specialized experience in international sales and product management of belt filter presses, centrifuges, and plate and frame presses.


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