Achieve Superior Capture Rates with Three-Dimensional Screening

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With over 45 years of proven success, Parkson’s Aqua Guard Self-Cleaning Screen has been helping treatment plants worldwide improve capture rates with minimal headloss while protecting downstream equipment. Watch this video to learn how the unique features and benefits of the system combine to help end-users achieve success.

The Aqua Guard features a unique three-dimensional filtration system. A filter belt containing individual elements collects, conveys and discharges solids greater in size than the nominal element spacing. Two-stage coarse and fine screening are achieved on the forward and recessed faces of the element belt, which help to achieve very low headloss. Featuring some of the most robust frames, chain links and drivetrain on the market, the screen is made to last.

Built on the original Aqua Guard screen design, Parkson also offers the Aqua Guard UltraClean and Aqua Guard PF (perforated plate) screens. Design modifications on these screens help further maximize solids removal if that is the ultimate treatment objective. Aqua Guard screens are available in multiple models to meet specific needs and address headworks, pump stations and industrial applications.

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