A Low-Maintenance, All-in-One Screening Solution with Wipes Protection

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Parkson’s Hycor Helisieve M in-channel fine screen provides an all-in-one solution for fine screening, solids conveying and dewatering. The heart of the system is a heavy-duty shaftless spiral with brush that conveys screenings to a dewatering zone for discharge. Because the unit is shaftless, it handles a greater volume of solids and easily coveys string solids.

New to the unit is a unique, retractable spool in the press zone that can be set in multiple positions to achieve drier solids or to help discharge wipes when in EZ-Wipe mode. While all other spiral screens on the market have a fixed length press zone or dewatering section, Parkson’s adjustable press zone addresses the issue of problematic wipes, which can clog systems, head on.

To learn more about the Helisieve’s many operator-friendly features, watch the video and visit www.parkson.com/products/hycor-helisieve-m.


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