Multi-Core Turbo Blower: Expansion and Flexibility for the Future

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Multi-Core Turbo Blower: Expansion and Flexibility for the Future

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TNE provides comprehensive energy savings and new renewable energy solutions using professional high-speed turbo technology derived from the aerospace industry. TNE is committed to providing compact, affordable, robust, environmentally friendly, and energy efficient gearless turbo blowers for energy savings in various industries.

TNE multi-core turbo blowers (MTB) improved the existing turbo blowers in terms of efficiency, turndown and reliability. MTB operates at the best efficiency point with a highly improved turndown ratio without dead zone. In general, a single core turbo blower can operate at ranges near 40-50% of flow turndown ratio.

As blowers are selected for peak demand, the blowers often have trouble lowering speed due to the surge limit. With the benefit of MTB, blowers can operate more than 75% flow turndown. High efficiency with a wide range of operation ensures maximizing energy savings.  

In addition, MTB operates with various combinations of dual or triple cores at the optimal capacity based on real-time demand. Each blower consists of a main PLC and local control panels of the cores. Main PLC communicates with either SCADA or MCP to receive the set value. Main PLC communicates with local PLCs of the cores in order to control the speed. In other words, if one core is out of service, other cores can continue to operate with reduced capacity and minimal downtime.

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