Twin-Shaft Grinder Becomes a Drop-in Solution for Septage Receiving

A WWTP in Michigan dealt with clogging issues until upgrading to a high-torque grinding solution from Vogelsang

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Twin-Shaft Grinder Becomes a Drop-in Solution for Septage Receiving

Problem: A southern Michigan wastewater treatment plant was having clogging issues with its septage receiving station. In working with plant operators, it was determined that most of the components to their septage receiving system were operating fine. However, it was easy to pinpoint the system’s twin-shaft grinder as an obvious concern. The customer’s twin-shaft grinder, an in-channel design, was having trouble keeping up with an increased solids volume. The unit frequently clogged, requiring service that included regular cleaning of the unit’s bar screens. Additionally, the blades wore quickly which left the facility with costly repairs/rebuilds.

Solution: The customer worked with Vogelsang’s team to identity the issues related to the grinder. Vogelsang was able to offer an XRipper twin-shaft grinder that provided a high-torque grinding solution that was able to handle the septage waste. The XRipper’s unique monolithic ripper rotors provide excellent solids reductions, while eliminating the potential for shaft and uneven wear you might associate with units that use individual blades and spacers.

Additionally, the XRipper came in a “drop-in design,” meaning the new unit fit the existing channel and could use the existing controls. This allowed for easy installation that had the system back up and running quickly. While the new XRipper is handling the waste with ease, the design allows for future service of the unit to be handled on site in a quick and cost-effective manner. XRipper’s one-piece ripper rotors slide right off and are replaced in a matter of hours, not days.

Overall, the WWTP has a more reliable grinder for their septage receiving station that require far less service and downtime.

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