HUBER Equipment Selected for La Crosse Wastewater Treatment Facility Upgrades

To overcome bypass issues and work with limited space, La Crosse selected the RakeMax CF multi-rake bar screen

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HUBER Equipment Selected for La Crosse Wastewater Treatment Facility Upgrades

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HUBER is pleased to announce that, after a competitive bidding process, the La Crosse wastewater treatment facility selected HUBER for several elements of the the $60 million upgrade project, including biosolids drying, solids screening and a new headworks screen.

On the headworks side of things, the project is being driven by two failing comminutors, which were routinely flooding and causing significant bypass issues. To overcome this issue, and still work within the very limited space available on the operation deck, La Crosse selected the HUBER multi-rake bar screen RakeMax CF.

The RakeMax CF with its vertical orientation allowed the engineer to combine both comminutor channels into one larger channel, directing 100% of the influent through one screen that is capable of handling full peak hourly flow conditions. Special influent baffle plates can allow emergency overflow/bypass in case of plant power outage.

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