Odor Control Featured on New Belt Press

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Odor Control Featured on New Belt Press

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New generation 3DP Belt Presses have proven to be far superior to older generation belt presses. With new design features such as an independent gravity zone, heavy-duty pressure section, and low operation and maintenance requirements, the 3DP reaches far beyond the limits of previous belt press models. These features allow the 3DP belt presses to turn old problems into new benefits. Many old belt presses have problems with limited capacity, high polymer dosages, low cake solids, and poor solids capture percentages. In many cases, the 3DP has been able to resolve all four of these issues and turn them into positives.

The wastewater treatment plant in Plattsburgh, New York, had four belt presses from the 1980s. As those machines started to show their wear, the city began looking at replacement options. They decided to go with two 2.0 m 3DP Belt Presses. Two machines were purchased but only one machine is regularly used to process material. The second machine was purchased to serve as a redundant unit to guarantee continual sludge processing. The machines were installed and started in September 2020. The new Plattsburgh 3DP is now able to process the same capacity on only one machine and increase the cake solids percentage from 23% to 27%. 

These machines feature odor hoods over the gravity section of the press. These hoods help significantly reduce odor in the dewatering room. They are easy to clean as the panels are clear and slide open without using tools. This allows one side to be open while the other is closed and sprayed off. Clear panels allow operators to view the material and make appropriate process adjustments.

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