Gravity Belt Thickener Drives Successful Upgrade in New York WWTP

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Gravity Belt Thickener Drives Successful Upgrade in New York WWTP

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The Westchester County Joint Wastewater Treatment Plant in Yonkers, New York, previously utilized three gravity belt thickeners for thickening their waste activated solids. These three thickeners were starting to age while the plant was also in need of expansion. The plant decided that they required two additional gravity belt thickeners. BDP was chosen to supply these additional thickeners (two 3.0m GBTs). 

Each unit processes 600 to 900 gpm on average. The waste activated feed concentration ranges from 0.3-0.5%, and is thickened to 5% or higher. The polymer dosage ranges from 8-12 active pounds per dry ton. 

The Gravity Belt Thickeners from BDP boast an impressive set of new and exclusive features. One of the most important standard features is the Excelsior Plow, providing twice the filtration rate compared to a standard furrowing plow or chicane. Optional features include an automatic plow lift, odor control hoods, self-washing system for automated clean-up and mist eliminating showerboxes (MNR Showers). The automatic plow lift raises and lowers each row of plows, decreasing the time needed for washdown while also increasing the longevity of wear items. 

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