Florida Water Authority Chooses BDP Trailer-Mounted Belt Press

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Florida Water Authority Chooses BDP Trailer-Mounted Belt Press

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The Tohopekalia Water Authority identified the need for a mobile dewatering unit. The Authority wanted a single trailer-mounted system that could operate at any of their WWTFs. After evaluating belt presses, centrifuges and screw presses, the decision was made to purchase one 2.0 m 3DP Belt Press from BDP Industries.  

For its first task, the new 3DP belt press was put into service at the South Bermuda WWTF, where there were three existing 2.0 m belt filter presses that handled the facility’s waste activated sludge. Each belt press was a two-belt unit processing 110-120 gpm and producing cake solids of 14%. The authority wanted to upgrade these dewatering units in order to increase cake solids, solids capture and efficiency. 

The new 2.0 m 3DP Belt Press is capable of processing the same amount of flow as the previous three belt presses combined. For a full year, during the upgrade construction period, the 3DP Belt Press operated at 360-400 gpm, producing cake solids of 16%. The press consistently produced increased solids capture percentages while also reducing polymer usage compared to the previous belt presses. The 3DP proved that this three-belt design could handle three times the loading rate while increasing cake solids by 2 percentage points and also reducing polymer consumption. 

The 3DP Belt Press features a three belt design with an independent gravity section and vertical pressure section. The three belt design allows the 3DP to achieve high throughput capacities with high-level performance. The gravity section is at floor level, making it easy for operators to view the material on the gravity section and optimize the press. 

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